Computer Science Association conducted “QUIZARDS” Quiz program for PUC Students(2018-2019)

Computer Science Association conducted “QUIZARDS” Quiz program for PUC Students which was organized by 3rd BCA students was held on 12-09-2018 .The event was held in the A V. Hall and was graced with the presence of principal and staff members who welcome the participants and their best wishes for the competition. All BCA and BCom(Voc) students were the enthusiastic audience to witness the exciting events. There were total 4 teams from PUC . This quiz truly was a learning experience for both audience and participants. 



Participant names for inter class quiz competition for PUC students

    Time:11:00 to 12:00                                              Date:12-09-2018

Team-1(IIPUC Com(A)

  •  Sinchana
  •  Vandana
  •  Jejas
Team-2(II PUC Com(B))

  •  Pramod
  •  Vaishnav
  •  Rohny
Team-3(II PUC Com(C)

  • Deepa
  • Ananya
  • Yakshith Y.Salian


Team-4(II .PUC Arts)

  • Manjula
  • Naziya.
  • Fathima.Suhaiba

Winners in Quiz competition(PUC Commerce and Arts)

1st prize-

Team-2(II PUC Com(B))

  • Pramod
  • Vaishnav
  • Rohny

2nd prize

Team 1(II PUC Com(A)

  • Sinchana
  • Vandana
  • Jeja

Participant names for inter class quiz competition(PUC Science)

Time:9:30 to 10:30                                   Date:12-09-2018

Team-1(II PUC-Science-A)

·         Nipun

·         Poorvi

·         Yashas

Team-2(II PUC-Science-A)

·         Vinyas

·         Balaraj

·         Sujeeth

Team-3(II PUC –Science-B)

·         Akhil

·         Nikil

·         Sathwik


Team-4(II PUC-Science-B)

·         Harikrishna

·         Ninad

·         Supreetha

Winners in Quiz competition(PUC-Science)

1 prize

Team-1(II PUC-Science-A)

  • Akhil
  • Nikil
  • Sathwik

2nd Prize 

Team-2(II PUC-Science-B)

  • Vinyas
  • Balaraj
  • Sujeeth


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