Workshop on Life skills and Employability

On 28-07-2018 there was an Workshop on Life Skills & Employability at Mangalore University Hampankatta.

The Programme Commenced at 9.30 a.m.  The chief guest of the programme  was  Dr.Abubakkar Siddiq, Associate Professor in Mangalore University. The general secretary of MUCTA, Louis Manoj Ambrose was also present, Along with Principal of maps college Mrs. Shruthi Shetty. The Chief Guest spoke about  “Life Skills and Employability ”   and why is important for students in today’s‘day.

Mrs. Latha Shenoy and Neethu Nair  Conducted the workshop and guided us throughout programme -14 colleges attended the workshop. They First divided us into 4 groups and then conducted PPT Presentation on certain topics. Mrs. Latha Shenoy made us to write a resume regarding Job application. Mrs. Neethu Nair s PPT Presentation was related to the topic “ BODY LANGUAGE ‘’

Afternoon session commenced at 2.00 P.M. They gave us information about how to face interview. One student from each team had to face personal interview session and was interviewed by Latha and Neethu Mam, who acted as interviewers. They were asked question based on the resume which were prepared morning.

Then we had participate In various activities as groups. Such activities are as follows :-

  • Fetching the right colored balls whish were scattered on the platform- this was conducted in order to develop team work.
  • Pieces of pipe were to be connected by each member which contained a ball inside it, that had to be put inside a basket placed at the other end this was done in order to work with co – ordination
  • Each person was given a thread piece and were asked to tie it together into multiple knots just by moving around and we had to untangle it too. – this was done in order to make us work under pressure so that we can learn to handle such situation in real life.

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