Inference Drawn on a word (Comment for Word) Organized by Library 2019-2020

Moto :   “In order to expand the vocabulary, express view more clearly, confidently and to develop the craft of writing. ”

This is yet another programme introduced after Pusthaka Preethi Parichaya. It is programme open to students of PG, UG and faculties of college.  This is a small effort from our side to attract all towards library.  This Prograamme helps students t o learn new word, its meaning and to express their view on it. This would enhance their skill of writing and vocabulary. This programme s conducted every week. Prizes are given separately for UG, PG and Staff.

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  1. The desire to achieve something, or to succeed accompanied  with motivation, determination and internal drive.

  1. Ambition is the ultimate goal that fuels 
Sandesh Prabhu,               IBCA

Srinidhi,            II M.Sc

Self Knowledge





1) Self Knowledge is the begining of wisdom, which the end of fear

2) Understanding of one’s own capabilities, character, feelings or motivations.

3) Seeking to Develop is    Self  Knowledge.  Knowing Ourself is Self Knowledge.                        Self-Improvement is         Self Knowledge.               It is the Unventured Path of a  Human.        Knowing yourself leads to Divinity                           Self Experience is the                                                                         ultimate Self Knowledge                                                        Than one can     Possess.

    Prakruthi,       I B.Com 

Sandesh Prabhu               IBCA

Neethu Nair,         I M.Com

Sorry Sorry is a hidden, true promise made by you, even when you get hundreds of chance to break it                           Sorry! if genuine                                                  brings you one step closer to humanity

I’m not perfect, I make mistake, I hurt people. but when I say sorry I mean it

We say sorry it doesn’t mean that one is wrong and another one is right; we say it because relationship is more valuable than our ego.

“Say Sorry, Shen you need to!                                              Say Sorry, To save A beautiful relation !                       Say Sorry, TO move forward in life !                            Say Sorry, When you regret something !                     A Sorry can mend your problems !                            But when you say sorry, mean it !                          Because sorry cannot bring                                                 A dead man alive    !

Smt. Rashmi Kayarmar          Lecturer,    Dept. of History

Prakrithi             I B.Com

Kusuba                 I B.Com

Neethu S Nair          I M.Com

Action A word without action is like a heart with no beat

Your Charity, is your action of kindness                       Your Success, is your action of hardwork              your Determination, is your action of  a                                             Strong will power         Without action, your dream will remain a dream  Trust your Action!                                                        work for your Action

Kusuba                  I B.Com

Neethu S Nair     I M.Com

Music A form of art; an expression of emotions through harmonic frequencies


Music is the Soul ,  that enlightens us!                Music is the Language, that unites us !                    The rhythm of music, is a joy of our lift!               Music can change the world!                                      Music is the tool, to soften the soul!

Music is an art of expressing our emotions

Sandesh Prabhu                   I BCA


Neethu S Nair    I M.Com


Capt. Sudha U     Lecturer,      Dept of Pol.Sci

Tongue Tongue  : A Powerful weapon


A Tongue is a sward                                                         Which can Pierce a person’s soul.                                use it wisely:                                                                           It has the power to wound!                                               It has the power to heal!                                                 Conquer your tongue,                                                Before it conquers you   …….  !                               because, what you say, can never be taken back

Tongue :Its a tool to taste the taste of life.

Prakruthi S Shetty,                  II B.Com (A)

Neethu S Nair,  I M.Com




Poornima Gokhale,             Lecturer,          Dept. of Comp.Sci











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