GDC Food Court 2019-20

A good entrepreneur always keeps scanning the environment and finds an opportunity to start a business. ‘Yakshayana – 2020’ was organised by GDC fine arts association and Parents Teachers’ association of GDC on 3.1.2020 & 4.1.2020. Utilising the opportunity , Entrepreneurship Development Cell had given an opportunity to start with a new business on these two days through ‘GDC Food Court’ .

‘GDC Food Court’ was inaugurated by Shri Shri Agari Ragavendra Bhat, Agari Enterprises, Surathkal  on 3.1.2020 , who wished luck to the students. Students came up with various food and craft business. Their stalls had unique names such as Tasty Bites(Podi and rasna), Anthama Charmuri, Tangy water balls (Pani-Puri), Fashion hut( hand-made Jewellery), Fruit splash and Boda Soda? (Lime soda). The audience and the participants of ‘Yakshayana – 2020’ were the satisfied customers for their business.  Students sold all their products and earned good profits and were very delighted.

‘GDC Food Court’ was an initiative by EDP cell to give a practical exposure to the students to start and handle a business.

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