Interaction with Local Publishers 24.12.2019

Kannada Pusthaka Pradikar, Bangalore and Govinda Dasa College Library Jointly organized Jaane  Jaanara Balaga 2019-20, where there was Interaction  with local publishers on 24.12.2019. Aaakruthi Ashaya Publications Proprietor Kalluru Nagesh answered to the question raised by students, future student writers, and suggested  that we should write short story and poetry and create a group of readers.  This will help to grow as a great writers in future.  So develop the habit of write and reading.

Prof. Ramachandra Yadapadithya, the editor of the college magazine Navya Digantha stated obstacles he faced while editing magazine and asked students to improve their language skills.

 Dr. Shivashankar Bhat, Principal in his presidential address to students, suggested that, the more one read the finer one grows.

Vice Principal Prof. P. Krishnamurthy elaborated how book printing has grown by time   also helps to improve writing skills.

Dean of Language Department  and Co-ordinator of Fine Arts association     Pof, Ramesh Bhat S.G and Head of the Humanities Department Prof. Harish Acharya, and more than 50 students were present in this program.

Kum. Jyothi Kamath, Lecturer in Hindi welcomed the gathering and Kum. Sriraksha, Lecturer in English, proposed the vote of thanks. Smt. Deepa Shetty, HOD of Kannada Department  was Master of Ceremony .


(Due to the Curfew on the date 21st and 22nd of Dec 2019 in Mangalore, the program was postponed to 24th Dec 2019)




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