Industrial visit to Gurucharan industries and Gyp-gyp-gee-2019-2020

Overview of the visit:

The commerce department of Govinda Dasa College Surathkal organized an industrial visit on 4th February 2020, Tuesday, to GURUCHARAN INDUSTRIES located in Baikampady industrial area, for students of B.COM. The main aim was to provide practical knowledge about the inside of an industry, its working and divisions.

Details of our journey:

We started travelling from the college campus at 9:30 am via bus with our co-coordinators faculties. We reached the premises within half an hour. At the very beginning Mr.Pramod, incharge of machine manufacturing spare parts department explained us about drilling, tapping and threading machine. He practically showed us the working, where in we saw the threading of spare parts and how the dust is collected using magnet. Later we were also shown knife grinding, surface grinding with the help of leth machine, which had accuracy of 60 micro leth that released dust in 2 minutes.

As we moved forward Mr.Manoj showed us the working of leth barrels which is also used to shape the spare parts but done manually. The machine works by inserting screw to it. The machine is called CSC leth.

Later Mr.Prajwal explained us the working of Polypropylene die head blown film plant. Worksheet will be given to the workers regarding the work to be completed. The machine works on CNC basis. Drawing is given by the drawings department and workers should enter the code accordingly. The machine users coolen water to reduce friction. The machine finishes 70% of parts except motor.

Next we moved towards the electrical department where in Mr.Leelavathi described the controlling of panel, setting boxes for machine, punching machine etc.Training is given for freshers.

Later we came across CHP air cutting-designing machine, in which sheets are put to cut, while the controlling are already set with the help of pendrive.It is done automatically hence reducing the human power. The emitted there by is harmful if inhaled. The process is also called as gas cutting.

Then we came across a PT machine.Mr.Roshan, labour in charge gave us a detailed description regarding working of machine. The machine produces plastic which is used to wrap the spare parts.

Finally Mr.Yashwanth guided us towards panel section where in folding and rolling of two or more pieces of metal are used to produce one spare part. In addition to that damages and dents are cleared.

The work to be completed each day is decided by the drawings or the worksheet given by the departmental head or supervisor.


GURUCHARAN INDUSTRIES was promoted by JAYAKAR SHETTIGAR in the year 1996 to manufacture plastic processing machine, allied machineries, spare parts and components of plastic processing and allied machineries.

In order to undertake vast research in eviction of films, GURUCHARAN INDUSTRIES started the manufacture of single screw HMHDPE/LDPE/LLDPE Blown film plant and TT Blown film plant at the initial stage. Gradually developed the same to twin die, four die and orating die blown film plant. It also developed single colored flexo printing machine,pepsi plant, rotating die and on-line printing attachment, two layer blown film plant with haul off, nano blown film plant also invented other allied machinery such as scrap crushers, twin chamber air cooled reprocessing plant, water cooled reprocessing plant,gusseting machine,happer dryer, mixing machine, pneumatic punching machine etc.

To save time and labour in color printing they had developed two color film eviction with two color flexo printing .Two three layer(A+B+A) single die head blown film plant, three layer single die head blown plant with haul off and stripped film attachment.


  • PLASTIVISION-for 7 consecutive years across India
  • IPLEX-For 10 years
  • PLASTASIA-4 years
  • PLAST INDIA-3 years
  • PLASTEC-2008

Overview of the visit:

The commerce department of Govinda Dasa College Surathkal organised an industrial visit on 4th February 2020, Tuesday, to GYP-GYP-GY located in Baikampady industrial area, for students of B.COM. The main aim was to provide practical knowledge.


We reached the premise around 11:30 am along with our faculty. We all were excited to be there. As we entered Mrs. .Malathi, in charge of sealing and labeling department.she explained as well as practically showed how the packing wrappers sealed. She added that each batch contained 300 such packing wrappers. At first the details to be printed is manually loaded to the system later when the wrapper passes through the sealing machine the details gets printed automatically. However manual power is need to set the machine.

Next we saw how the dough is mixed in huge mixing mixers. Then once the dough is ready it’s taken out of the mixer. Then the workers prepare small units of the dough for baking. Once the bread or bun is properly baked another set of workers collect the baked breads or buns and forward it to the packing department.

The packing department there by packs the bread and bun in sealed wrappers that are already punched with all the necessary details.  Later we went to the cake department wherein we saw how the cakes are baked and decorated. On our way back we were served with hot and tasty veg puffs and maaza.


To explain about the GYP-GYP-GY the name of the factory is FOOD PEARLS. The work is divided into 3 different shifts. Every worker is given different work each day and paid accordingly. On 7th of every month the payment of salary is duly made. They are specialized in preparing bread, bun, khar i, cookies, puffs, cakes and fried snacks.

Their branches are widely spread in and around Mangalore and have dealings with many bakeries around Mangalore. One of the well known units of GYP-GYP-GY is CRUMBZ.


We are grateful to our faculty for organizing such a wonderful visit. In the present growing busy world where in people like to have tasty bakery items GYP-GYP-Gee is the best stop.

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