Interclass Rangoli Competition 2019-2020

Interclass Rangoli Competition which was held on 03/03/2020. 26 groups participated in the competition .The judges were Mrs.Shamitha,Office Staff,GDC,Mrs.Savithri,Librarian,GDC and Mr.Surendra.OS,GDC.

Winners of the rangoli Competition

First Prize

1)  Vidhisha  III B.Com (B)

2)Sristhi III.B.Com(B)

Second Prize

1)Pradyna  Poojari II B.Sc

2)Pradeeptha.Jain II B.Sc

3)Kusuma II B.Sc

Second Prize

1)Niriksha III.B.Sc

2)Navya III.B.Sc

3)Aishwaraiya III.B.Sc

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