Covid-19 warriors of our sister institution.

Old students of our sister institution who are working as COVID-19 warriors.

Covid Front-Line Warriors:

Dr. Veena Kumari K (GDC PUC 1981, VHS SSLC 1979): Medical Superintendent of ESI  hospital in Ahmedabad which is currently a COVID ISOLATION HOSPITAL  and which is likely to be declared as COVID treatment hospital soon. Several of her patients and at least one of her staff doctors have turned Covid-positive in her hospital.

Dr. Deepak Shetty (GDC PUC 1983, VHS SSLC 1981): Practising doctor(Anaesthetist ) in the UK.  Directly involved in Covid treatment. He himself has recently turned COvid- positive, precipitated by his medical work. (wishing him speedy recovery.)

Covid Warriors:

Dr. Ajay Ramachandran (GDC PUC 1982): Practising doctor(general practitioner) in the UK who himself  has recovered from  Covid contracted  during his medical work.

Covid Volunteers:
N. Suresh (GDC PUC 1981, VHS SSLC 1979): RSS volunteer, he and his family have  involved in distributing food-grains / provision packets to the construction workers and slum dwellers over the 45-day Covid lockdown period in Bangalore , and in organizing a Covid -related blood donation camp during the same time.


A Heartfelt appreciation to  all the COVID  warriors. 

from– Principal,Management  ,Teaching and Non-teaching staffs

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