A Glance into the life of an Entrepreneur 2020-21

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world’.  This inspirational quote of Mahatma Gandhi has changed the life of many people. And they inspired many others . Our 2nd B.Com students met & interviewed such personalities whose one thought changed their entire life and made them a successful entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur may be a local, national or international face various hurdles in their journey of business. During the interview our students realised that being an entrepreneur is not a cake walk. It is challenging, as well as trilling to face all such hurdles and create a way towards success.

Our 2nd B.Com costing students had to present the same as a part of their costing assignment through online presentation in  teams on 20th & 21st October, 2021 . Students interviewed some of the local entrepreneurs such as Shri Kantheshwari caters, Drnk Lab, Crumbzs, SK food & beverages , etc., who shared their experience of ups & downs also explained their business process.

This practical assignment helped students to know the insights of entrepreneurship & may help students to become entrepreneurs in future.


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