Entrepreneurial Visit- Terrace Garden-2021

On 23-12-2021 The Department of Commerce and Business Administration in association with EDP Cell had a Entrepreneurial visit to view Open garden Terrace at Maroli, Mangalore. The students of  Second and first year BBA had an opportunity to visit and view the cultivation and maintenance of  terrace garden which was owned by Dr. Krishnappa Gowda Paddambail, Maroli. Entrepreneur Dr. Krishnappa Gowda Explained the way he got inspired to go for the terrace gardening as a hobby  at the initial and he later took it as a profession and got recognized by the various institutes of Karnataka. He insisted students also to go for the terrace gardening as a hobby which will really give you a satisfaction to lead a life with modern era.

The Department staffs also accompanied students in the visit. It was overall an great input to the students in a practical life.

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