Visit to Historical Sites to Arts Students

As a part of field study, Heritage site visit was organized on  11-06-2022 by the Humanities Department .  45 students of our college along with the Faculty members Prof. Hareesh Acharya, Capt. Sudha, Dr. Vijayalaxmi , Rashmi Kayarmar visited  Historical places Thousand pillared Basadi Moodbidre, koti Chennaya theme park Karkala and Handloom factory at Kinnigoli. One Day tour helped the students to know practically the contributions given by the regional dynasties to the field of Art and architecture of Coastal Karnataka, it widened their knowledge related to the legendary heroes of Tulunadu viz Kotichennaya and the full traditional picture of lifestyle of Tulunadu. The visit also gave them the knowledge regarding the traditional industry of handloom.

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