A practical study on Mutual fund 2021-22

Investing is shares directly, without having in-depth knowledge about the stock market  is highly risky. Mutual fund is a best way to start investing in the Stock market with low risk. But as a investor we need to have at least general awareness about mutual fund , its portfolio and how to assess a Mutual fund.

Thus, just to give a gist on Mutual fund, a workshop was conducted  on Mutual Fund with a  theory session followed by  a practical class with the help of money control app to I BCA students on 11.07.2022 by Ms. Punitha R, HOD –BBA & Co-ordinator of ED Cell, Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal. Students were virtually made to go through the practical aspects of Mutual funds & all the students were excited to learn something new . All students had to study about a company’s portfolio & submit their research in the form of an assignment.

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