Career Building & Innovatia 2k23 – 2022-23

On 12.12.2022, Department of Commerce & Business Administration and Entrepreneurship Development Cell organized “Career Building & Innovatia 2k23’

The inauguration of ‘Innovatia 2k23’ was held in Assembly Hall at 9.30 a.m. by Smt. Laxmi P, Principal , Govinda Dasa PU College, Surathkal by lightening the lamp and also rendering a tribute to Shri. Vivekananda swami of occasion of Youth day. Smt. Mradula , Administrative Officer, H.V.Sangha® , Surathkal was the guest of honour.

All the students of B.Com & BBA were divided into small groups of 5-6 members, class-wise. Each group was assigned with a task as a part of their assignment by their respective subject teacher , to produce a New product of their choice. This new product must include market feasibility and the same products were demonstrated on 12.12.2022 for Innovatia – 2k23. Along with these new products , some passed out students products and already existing student entrepreneurs products were also exhibited. Prof. Ramesh Kulai , Director Administration, GDC, Surathkal spoke a few words on this occasion about skill India and need of Entrepreneurial skill  in students to develop India . He also motivated the students to broaden their horizon and try to develop these products and establishing their own business.  Prof. Krishnamoorty P, , Principal , Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal rendered the Presidential Remarks. Ms. Shridevi HOD of Commerce and Ms. Punitha R- HOD of Business Administration & Co-ordinator of Entrepreneurship Development Cell along with all the department staff were present in the event.

The programme was continued by an orientation to 2nd PU Students of nearby 4 colleges in AV Hall by Mr. Prajwal Karkera, Marketing Lead, Micro degree, and our proud alumnus, who spoke on ‘Career Building’. Around 150 Students had attended this programme in 3  Sessions along with their teaching faculties. Students and their faculties were highly impressed by Mr. Prajwal Karkera’s presentation and were involved completely in the programme. After the orientation the students spectated the New products exhibited by our students.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell had conducted a Competition on these new products. The competition was judged by Mr. Prajwal Karkera. The products were judged on the basis of Feasibility , presentation and USP of the product. ‘Drashi Holige’ of I B.Com and ‘Fragrance Scones’ of III BBA bagged the 1st and 2nd prize with the ‘Best Product’ Title.

The exhibition was carried on, on the following day .i.e., 13th January , 2023 for Govinda Dasa Pre-university college students, to have a glance of the new products of our students.

All the spectators were impressed by our students products and also gave orders and purchased the products. This programme gave a practical exposure to start up their own business and also thought them the benefits of team work and co-ordination.

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