Learner’s Path – Whys of choosing career path 2022-23

On 12.12.2022, Department of Commerce & Business Administration had organized an orientation on ‘Learner’s path –Whys of choosing career path’, to Govinda dasa Pre- university College students in A.V Hall at 9.30 a.m .

Smt. Laxmi P, Principal , Govinda Dasa PU College, Surathkal was the chief guest &  Smt. Mradula , Administrative Officer, H.V.Sangha® , Surathkal was the inaugurator of the programme .

The orientation was conducted by Mr. Prajwal Karkera, Marketing Lead, Micro degree & Mr. Snehal Sampras Martis , Talent & Cultural Co-ordinator (HR), Cluster Property ,Dubai UAE . Mr. Prajwal Karkera  & Mr. Snehal Sampras Martis are the proud alumni of GDC. They drove students towards the various paths or criterions  that a student should focus on before choosing a career in any college. They organized this show in 3 sessions to 208  students of II PU students of commerce department. All the sessions were lively handled through games and live examples. Prof. Krishnamoorthy P, Principal , GDC, Surathkal was the president of the programme & Ms. Lavanya  Bhat – III BBA , Mastered the Ceremony.

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