NSS Annual Special Camp 2022-2023

Date: 17th March 2023 to 23rd March 2023
Venue: Vidya Vinayaka Yuvaka Mandala   Haleangadi   
Inauguration :  17-03-2023 at 4 pm
Valedictory:  23-03-2023 at 11 am.

Motto: ” Not Me But You”, reflects the essence of democratic  living and  upholds the need  for self -less service. NSS helps  the students  development &  appreciation to other person’s point of view and also show consideration towards other living beings. The philosophy of the NSS is a good doctrine in this motto, which underlines on the belief that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole and therefore ,the NSS volunteers shall strive for the well-being of the society.

A one week  long NSS  Camp was organised by the NSS Units of Govinda Dasa College from 17th march to 23rd march 2023. The distance of the camp from the college is 9.5 kms The  project for the field work was reconstructing water passage and cleaning the surroundings of the Camp Premises. A total of 100 registered NSS volunteers along with the NSS Program Officers Mrs Akashatha V and Mrs Daya Suvarna along with the guidance of Dr Prashanth M.D. Physical Director Govinda Dasa College amd Shri Vinod Shetty, Director Fine Arts Govinda Dasa College participated in the camp.

The formal inauguration began by invoking  god’s blessings followed by a welcome speech by our NSS Volunteer . The camp was formally inaugrated by Shri Umanath Kotian,MLA Mulki- Moodabidre  Constituency  with a lighting of a lamp . The diginataries  present included,Prof P Krishnamoorthy Principal Govinda Dasa College,Shri Jayachandra Hathwar, President H.V Sangha Surathkal, Shri Dugganna Saavantharu Mulki,Mrs Poornima ,President ,Grama Panchayat Haleangadi,Shri Yathish Kotian,President  Shri VidyaVinakaya Yuvaka Mandala,Haleangadi ,Shri Devaprasad Punaroor, Rashwitha President Shri Vidya Vinayaka Yuvathi Mandala Haleangadi, Shri Jeevan Prasad former member  Gram Panchayat Haleangadi. In his inaugural address the chief guest wished good luck to the NSS volunteers and exhorted the students to become self reliant and develop in them a promptness to help others.


An Orientation programme was held at 6.30 pm and the volunteers were divided into five groups ; Agni, Vayu,Jala ,Prithivi and Akasha. Students were briefed on the activities to be conducted and leaders were given charge of daily activities to be carried on by their teams

Day 2- 18/3/2023

The day began with warm ups like Prabath, Jingles, Aerobics and continued with Yoga session conducted by our NSS Volunteers Moksha and Srishti. Team Vaayu was in charge of discipline . At around 7 am there was flag hoisting by the guest followed by the NSS song . 8am was a tea break for the volunteers After tea break  students  went to worksite for Shramadana. At the same time Free Dental and Medical check up to the public and NSS Volunteers were arranged in the camp from 10am to 2.30 pm . After lunch  Students had a session  “Tulu Naadu and its Culture” by K.K Pejawar.   It was followed by a tea break .At 6.30 it was time for cultural, where NSS volunteers performed stage programmes to the public. The day ended at 10pm  followed by “Chinthana Manthana” where each group shared their views.

Day 3- 19/3/23

The morning session continued in the same routine with an addition of parade. At 3pm  a session “Gruhapayogi Tarabeti”  was conducted. The Resource persons were Smt Shubha Acharya  on Rangoli,Smt Vishalakshi Acharya on flower garlands, Coconut chappara crafting by Smt Vasanthi Devadiga,Smt Nalini Acharya trained volunteers to prepare moode volli, Shri Dayananda  Kattalsar,Keerthan and kaushik various crafts from tender leaves of coconut trees called “Siri”.And the day ended with the usual activities.

Day 4- 20/3/23

The day started  with the same activities Prabhatha, Shramadhana  cultural events and  talks and visits  from the faculty of the college , well wishers . And ended with the same note.

Day 5 -21/3/23

Day  started with the same set of activities followed by Shramadhane and an Academic session in the afternoon and cultural followed by chinthana Manthana.

Day 6 -22/6/23

Day started with prabath,Aerobics  and other warm ups  .The day was eventful as the volunteers visited historical sites in and around Haleangadi like Jain Basdi , Pavanje Temple, Mulky Palace, Musuems and so and had an good outdoor experiences .The day ended with the Shibra Jyothi . Shibra Jyothi is an event of NSS Camps which is performed on the eve of the valedictory function of every NSS special camp. Shibra Jyothi involves lightening up of diyas across the borders of Indian Map alongside singing  patriotic songs . It is known to in still a significant wave in the volunteers about the concepts of patriotism, brotherhood and National Integrity.

Day- 7 23/3/23

The camp concluded with the the valedictory fuction at 11am . The Principal of the college   Prof P Krishnamoorthy Presided over the function. The guests of honour was Shri Leeladhar Shetty,Secretary Alumni Association Govinda Dasa College. Vidhwan ChandraShekhar Navada, Founder president Lions Club Bappanadu, Shri Venkatesh Hebbar,President Lions Club Haleangadi Ms Rashmi R, Camp Officers Dr Prashanth M.D, Shri Vinod Shetty and NSS student coordinators Swathi Bhat P, U.D Anishashree  Preethesh and Prayag Naik were also present. NSS Program officer Smt Daya Suvarna Welcomed the gathering, NSS Program Officer Akshatha V proposed the Vote of Thanks.  NSS volunteer Hitha  Umesh was the master of the ceremony.


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