Industrial Visit to Campco Chocolate Factory (04-05-2023)

An industrial visit to “Campco Chocolate Factory” Puttur, Karnataka was successfully organized by the Dept of Commerce and Management. B.Com and BBA students visited the factory to understand how the production activity, management process, technology works and also to acquire knowledge and experience.

Students were divided into two batches and at 11.00 am escorted to assembly line by the guide and briefly explained about the process and operations undertaken by machinery like cleaning, roasting, separation of cocoa from cocoa butter, mixing up of other ingredients, conching machines knead the chocolate paste, heating and finally other process of chocolate making machines. Guide also explained each element in chocolate making process and the quality test undergone. They also explained the process of the rejected products. The main ingredient in Campco chocolate consists of sugar, vegetable fat and cocoa powder.

Finally, students were taken to the seminar hall of the factory for the question and answer session. Head of the HR department explained about the factory, raw materials purchasing process, exporting the products and complete structure and process of the factory. The question and answer session went smoothly. The head of the HR department answered the questions and clarified the doubts by the students and faculties.

The industrial visit to Campco Chocolate Factory enriched our enriched the students’ knowledge and experience. The visit to Campco Chocolate Factory provided a great opportunity to learn practically through demonstration, interaction, exchange of information and employment practices which will help the students in the future career growth.

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