Guest Lecture on Rainwater Harvesting

The programme was organized by the NSS Unit of GDC in association with JCI Surathkal on 4th September 2023 for the NSS volunteers from the B.Com and BBA courses at Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal.

The main agenda behind the programme was to give information on the need and importance of rainwater harvesting in the present era. Ms. Dhanushri had mastered the ceremony. Shri. Jayaraj Acharya, Chairperson, JCI Surathkal, gave a welcome note. Ms. Hitha Umesh had introduced the guests. A prayer was rendered by Ms. Hitha Umesh and Ms. Nirmika from 2nd year B.Com and BCA respectively.

The resource person, Shri. Bharath J., spoke about the importance of rainwater harvesting in the present era. Sir stated the collection as well as the storage of rainwater into natural bodies or artificial reservoirs with a view to keeping a check on the overflow of surface water and other methods of rainwater harvesting, such as rooftop harvesting. Sir also spoke about how people will benefit from rainwater harvesting, which includes irrigation, gardening, livestock, etc. It helps in improving the supply of water and the production of food, thereby eventually giving you food security. Rural areas or households that suffer from water scarcity do benefit from rainwater harvesting systems. Rainwater harvesting ensures a constant supply of water, which in turn provides food security and significantly contributes to income generation.

Govinda Dasa College NSS unit officers, Mrs. Akshatha Shetty and Dr. Bhagyalaxmi M, were present for the programme. Prof. P. Krishnamoorthy, Principal, gave the presidential remarks on the programme and the vote of thanks rendered by Ms. Nirmika.

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