Sri Hayagreeva Acharya & Smt.Bharthi Devi Scholarships Distribution-2023

Time: 2.30 Pm
Venue: Govinda Dasa College

Success is achievable when students possess self-respect and gratitude. Scholarships play a crucial role in ensuring education’s accessibility for all. Smt. Vrinda Konnar, a Chartered Accountant and alumna of the college, served as the chief guest. The Administrative Director of Govinda Dasa Undergraduate College, Prof. Y.V. Ratnakara Rao, extended good wishes. Guests included Principal Smt.Lakshmi P. Govinda Dasa PU college and Vice Principal Prof. Ramesh Bhat S.G of Govinda Dasa College, while Pallavi, Student Welfare Officer,Govinda Dasa PU college announced the scholarship list. Ramesh Rao M., the Secretary of the Trust, extended a warm welcome. Prof. Krishnamurthy P., the Principal of Govinda Dasa College, expressed gratitude. Mrs. Poornima Gokhale conducted the event, with Treasurer Asha and Trustee Varadaraj present. President Harish Kumar of the Parent-Teacher Association also attended.

The Trust awarded scholarships totaling 3,55,000 to 71 students from Govinda Dasa College and Govinda Dasa Undergraduate College. Additionally, a contribution of 50,000 was made to the mid-day meal fund for students. The chief guest, Smt. Vrinda Konnar, emphasized these points during the Tenth Year Sri Hayagreeva Acharya and Smt. Bharathi Devi Scholarship Distribution Ceremony, organized by Bhaktha Sri Kuthethur Govinda Dasa Charitable Trust Foundation. Dr. K. Rajamohan Rao, the Chairman of the Trust, encouraged students to become successful individuals by seizing available opportunities and utilizing their scholarships wisely.

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