The inaugural ceremony of the new academic year for Students’ Senate & Fine Arts Association, Kalabdi 2023-24, took place on October 5, 2023, at Govinda Dasa College at 9:15 am. Dr. Narasimhamurthy, a retired Kannada professor, graced the event as the chief guest. Prof. P. Krishnamoorty, Principal of Govinda Dasa College, presided over the function.
Ms.Hitha Umesh, a second-year B.Com student, warmly welcomed the gathering. Dr. Narasimhamurthy inaugurated the event, emphasizing that knowledge of art and literature enhances our understanding of life, urging students to embrace and respect art. He commended the students for their cultural achievements and inspired the Senate members to strive for greater heights. Prof. Ramesh Kulai, Director-Administrator of GDC Surathkal, expressed the importance of students utilizing the new education policy to develop their appreciation for art and literature. Principal Prof. P. Krishnamoorty elaborated on Govinda Dasa College’s commitment to fostering art and culture, highlighting its achievements.
Prof. Ramesh Bhat, S.G. Vice-Principal and SWO, administered the oath to the students, emphasizing the importance of upholding the dignity of the college. The coordinators of the Fine Arts Association, Dr. Sowmya Praveen, Dr. Vijayalaxmi, Kumar Madar, cultural instructor Vinod Shetty, Senate secretaries, and all students of GDC were present.
The program concluded with various cultural events, marking the beginning of a promising academic year at Govinda Dasa College.

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