Mangalore University Inter-College Seminar Competition-2023-24


In a pursuit of intellectual excellence, Mangalore University’s Ambigara Choudayya Research Centre organized a captivating university-level inter-college seminar Competition on December 18, 2023. The event brought together talented students from various colleges to engage in a battle of ideas and articulate their perspectives on a range of topics. Hitha Umesh (II-year B.Com) secured First Place. and Smitha C (II-year B.A) got Consolation Prize
Hitha Umesh, a dynamic and articulate II-year B.Com student from our college, emerged victorious by securing  first place in the competition. Her eloquence, depth of argument, and confident delivery impressed both the judging panel and the audience, establishing her as a formidable winner. Smitha C, a talented II-year B.A student, displayed commendable presentation skills and received a well-deserved consolation prize. Her thoughtful insights and ability to articulate complex ideas contributed to the overall success of GOVINDA DASA COLLEGE SURATHKAL in the competition


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