In an intellectual showdown that showcased the prowess of our students, Sowparnika from III BA and Shama from II BA of GOVINDA DASA COLLEGE SURATHKAL emerged victorious by securing the 1st place in the Inter-college University Level Debate Competition held on December 21, 2023 at  B.B.HEGDE COLLEGE, KUNDAPUR. The event, organized to promote intellectual discourse and articulate expression, witnessed outstanding performances from participants across various colleges. Sowparnika(IIIBA),Shama(II BA) Showed their Remarkable Achievements. Sowparnika and Shama demonstrated exceptional debate skills, combining insightful analysis with articulate delivery, capturing the attention and admiration of both the judging panel and the audience. Their triumph in this competition is a testament to their dedication to academic excellence and the development of persuasive communication skills.  The outstanding performance by Sowparnika and Shama did not only culminate in their 1st place win but also earned them the prestigious opportunity to represent our university in the upcoming South Zone competition. 


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