In a celebration of artistic talent and creativity, GOVINDA DASA COLLEGE emerged victorious at the inter-college university-level Fine Arts competition held on December 20, 2023 at MAPS COLLEGE MANGALORE. The event, featuring categories such as Installation and Collage Making, showcased the artistic prowess of our students. Installation Category: 1st Place Under the theme of Installation, our team comprised of:  Preethesh, (3rd B.Com), Arun, (3rd B.Com), Manish (3rd B.A) Bharath (2nd BBA), Disha (3rd B.Com)
These talented individuals secured the coveted 1st place, showcasing their ingenuity and artistic flair. Their exemplary installations not only captured the essence of the theme but also impressed the judges, earning them the honor of representing our university in the upcoming South Zone competition.  Collage Making Category: 3rd Place In the Collage Making category, Disha (3rd B.Com) demonstrated exceptional artistic skills and secured the 3rd place in the inter-college  university competition. Her collage not only reflected creativity but also conveyed a meaningful narrative, contributing to the overall success of  the college in the Fine Arts competition.






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