On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, the NSS unit of Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal, in collaboration with the Youth Red Cross Club, organized an anti-tobacco oath-taking ceremony on May 31, 2024, following the guidelines from the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

The National Service Scheme Officer, Mrs. Akshata V., administered the Anti-Tobacco Oath. She was accompanied by Dr. Bhagyalaxmi M., NSS Unit Officer; Sri. Sacheth Suvarna, PMS Member, IRCS, DK; Mrs. Poornima Gokhale; and Sri. Ashwin, YRC Programme Officers. Volunteers from both the NSS and YRC also participated.

During the oath, participants pledged: “On this occasion of World No Tobacco Day, I take a pledge that I shall never smoke or consume any type of tobacco products in my life and will motivate my family and acquaintances to do the same. I shall also encourage my colleagues to avoid tobacco products.”

World No Tobacco Day, observed annually on May 31st, aims to raise awareness about the health risks associated with tobacco use and to promote effective strategies to help individuals quit smoking. Smoking continues to be a significant global public health issue, causing millions of deaths each year and heavily burdening healthcare systems worldwide.

The theme for World No Tobacco Day 2024 is “Protecting Children from Tobacco Industry Interference,” emphasizing the need to shield future generations from the influence of the tobacco industry and to ensure a continued decline in tobacco use. This year’s focus highlights the concerning trend of the tobacco industry’s targeted marketing towards youth.

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