Computer Science Association

Computer Science Association was instituted in the college during the year 2007. Students have actively participated in intercollegiate competitions and won many prizes.

The Computer Association commenced its activities for the academic year 2020-2021 with an Inauguration program and talk by resource person.


  • To encourage the students to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • To Educate students about IT technologies.
  • Workshop will be conducted for students to promote the advanced ideas in the fields of upcoming programming language.
  • To Encourage the students to conduct different programs for PU Students.
  • We also conduct a certificate based- workshop on the recent trending software application in tie up with IIT Bombay (robokart) for imparting knowledge in recent technologies.
Staff Coordinator
Mrs. Veena .K
Student Coordinator
Mr. Sampath – III BCA

Departmental Activities

Computer Association Report 2021-2022
Staff Coordinator: -Mrs. Veena K
Student Coordinator: Mr. Sampath            -IIIB.C.A
Sl. No Date Topic Resource Persons/Institution No. of participants
1. 10-01-2022 Quiz competition for P.U. Students of GDC Organized by IIIBCA Students 150
2. Feb 2022 Guidance on Scholarship JSW 100
3. 15-07-22 Digantha inter collegiate fest Organized by Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal. 195

Departmental Activities

Computer Association Report 2020-2021
Staff Coordinator: -Mrs. Veena K
Student Coordinator:             -IIIB.C.A
Sl. No Date Topic Resource Persons/Institution No. of participants
1 03-06-2020 Webinar on “Intelligent Systems” Mr. Raveeshwara S, Asst.Professor, Govt. First Grade College, Uppinangady 90
2 15-06-2020 E-Quiz(IT Quiz) 60

Computer Association Report 2019-2020
Staff Coordinator: -Mrs. Veena K
Student Coordinator:Ms. Sathvika -IIIB.C.A
Sl. No Date Topic Resource Persons/Institution No. of participants
1 23-07-2019 Inauguration Of Computer Science Association Mr. Naveen Bhat Co-founder and STO of AYKAN, Mangalore 90
2. 24-07-2019 Interclass computer Science Quiz for computer science students Organized by III BCA 120
3. 23-09-2019 Aptitude test for final year students Organized by Computer Science association 40
4. 24-09-2019 Campus recruitment drive-2019

Final year students undergone aptitude test and face-to-face interview

AMJ Solutions, Mangalore 38
5. 25-09-2019 A talk regarding how to handle projects for final year students Sudeep Devashya, Epitas, Mangalore 42
6. 30-09-2019 A Workshop on Photoshop to final year BCA students Babitha N, 2nd BCom students 45
7. 12-10-2019 A talk on IT trends and Project Solution Harisha, Technotriamph, Mangalore 43
8. 14-10-2019 IT Multiple Choice Question  Test for final year students Computer Science association 42
9. 25-11-2019 Visit to Nearby P.U. College Staff Members of computer science dept. 150
10. 06-07-2019 2 days workshop on cloud computing Computer Science association and Robosol aakar IIT Bombay 30
11. 09-01-2020 Tantrajna a part of Digantha- Inter collegiate fest Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal 50
12. 06-02-2020 Seminar on web design and Animation Arena Animation, Mangalore 38
13. 27-02-2020 Informative session about information security for 2 BCA students Ravindra of Dispute Resolution Forum, Surathkal 35
14. April-May Awareness of COVID-19 by BCA students-1
Awareness of Covid-19 by BCA students-2
Computer Association Report 2018-2019
Staff Coordinator: -Mrs. Vidya.C.Patil
Secretary: –Mr.Nithesh  [III BCA]
Sl. No Date Topics Resource Person
1. 25-06-2018 An Orientation programme was conducted for first year BCA students. Dr.B.Muralidara Rao.Principal,GDC 
2. 23-08-2018 Inauguration Of Computer Science Association & talk by resource person  on Emerging trend in IT Inaugurator :  Prof Saumya .Hegde .NITK

President       : Dr.B.Muralidara Rao.Principal

Presided By : Prof.K.Krishnamurthy, vice Principal

3. 28-08-2017 A seminar on “Advance Java” was organized for final  BCA students Pavithra Vikas

NIIT Bejai,Mangalore

4 28-8-2018 An Aptitude test was conducted for second and final year BCA students.  Pavithra Vikas

NIIT Bejai,Mangalore

5. 29-8-2018 A seminar on project guidance was organized for the final year students. The resource person briefed the students about the company and project offered to students as internship to them. Mr.Shahad

Data-Q  Solutions,Mangalore

6 11-09-2018 Inter-Class Model competition for computer students Judges: Dr.Sharath(MSc),Mr Sajan(MCom)
7. 12-09-2018 QUIZARDS-2K18: Interclass Quiz Competition for PUC  students. Organized By 3BCA students


8 22-12-2018 Student outreach Program for PUC students (Scope of IT in various fields) Resource Person: Punith(Software Engg in RoboSoft
9 13-09-2018 A project guidance session was organized for final BCA students . Mr. Deepak Pai,

HP Enterprise,Mangalore

10 22-02-2019 Career Guidance and Future prospects in Computer Science Resource Person: Sudesh Kumar

Technical Account manager at Akamai Technologies.


Computer Association Report 2017-2018
Staff Coordinator: -Mrs. Vidya.C.Patil
Secretary: -Mr.Deekshith .R. Shetty  [III BCA]
Sl. No Date Programme Resource person
1. 11-08-2017 Inauguration Of Computer Science Association 



Inaugurator :  Prof Y.V. Rathnakara Rao

Chief Guest  :  Mr.Nithin Monohar
President       : Dr.B.Muralidara Rao

Presided By :Sri.P.Madhusudhana Rao                Director –Administration ,GDC

2. 11-08-2017 Techno Quiz-2K17: Interclass Quiz Competition for Degree and PUC computer science students Organized By 3BCA students
3. 13-06-2017 Talk By Times Institute regarding competitive exam for 3 BCA students. Mr. Ashwin Poojary
4. 5-8-2017 Workshop on Desktop Publishing for Computer Science Staff Mrs Vidya and Mrs Babitha
5. 17-8-2017

Talk on Software soln/training/web development from Dataqueues System . The resource person briefed the students about the company and project offered to students as internship to them.

6. 8-11-2017 Interview for 3 BCA students in our computer lab by company SMART CACHE Mr. Achal. Krishna Bhat
7 3-1-2018 Opportunity in computers in IT field PUC Students Mrs.Geetha.K HOD,Ms Poornima
8 15-01-2018



Two day National level Workshop on Python Programming for computer Students.  Mr.Jagrat .Mahashwari
Robokart in collaboration with IIT Bombay
9 25-1-2018 Conducted Aptitude test by NIIT for 2nd and 3rd BCA students  Pavithra Vikas
Computer Association Report 2016-2017
Staff Coordinator: -Mrs. Vidya.C.Patil
Secretary: – Miss. Nishmitha [III BCA]
Sl. No Date Programme  
1 4-08-2016 Inauguration Of Computer Science Association 
Inaugurated by
Dr.B.Muralidhara Rao Principal ,Govinda Dasa College ,Surathkal
2 4-08-2016 Interclass computer Science Quiz for computer science students. Organized by III BCA
3 27-8-2016 MS-Office workshop  and hardware exhibition  to arts PU Students Organized by BCA Students
4 12-7-2016 1 day entrepreneurship awareness camp Organized by DST-NIMAT-project 2016-17
5 15-9-2016
2-day workshop on Big Data and Hadoop Resource person :

Mr Anurag

Organised by Robokart,IIT Bombay and Comp.Science Dept,GDC

6 23-9-2016 Dream Zone(Opportunity in IT for III BCA students)
7 1-10-2016 Colaso(About Project (Opportunity in IT)
8 16-12-2016 Seminar on Internet for PUC students  Mr.Nithin.M
9 27-12-2016

Awareness of Scope and opportunities in Computer technologies were briefed to the P.U.C students of near by college by our faculties in 5 sessions.

10 28-1-2017 Aptitude test for BCA Students by NIIT Institute. NIIT Bejai,Mangalore