Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDP) has been established to promote the idea of entrepreneurship amongst the students at the college level. Our Honorable Prime- Minister, Sri. Narendra Modi’s dream of Make-in-India & Start- up India, Stand- up India has inspired lakhs of youths to venture into their own Start-Ups in order grow with India.

EDP Cell at Govinda Dasa College, helps students in developing their entrepreneurial skills at the grass-root level by conducting various training programmes, talks, workshops by resource persons. Students are also assigned various creative Assignments and are delegated to various trainings, Competitions and workshops outside college.

Thus, it helps students to gain more knowledge and build confidence & to sharpen the Entrepreneurial  skills in them . EDP Cell also motivates them to start with their own successful Start-ups and lead an Independent life.


  1. To boost confidence, trigger creativity and cultivate entrepreneurial skills in students.
  2. To provide Knowledge of various avenues through which they can translate their dreams into reality .
Staff Co-ordinator:
  • Ms.Punitha R, HOD, Department of Business Administration
Student Co-ordinators:
  1. Ms. Suneha- III B.Com 
  2. Mr. Shreyas- III B.Com 

Entrepreneurship Development Cell -2019-20

Staff Co-ordinator         : Ms. Punitha.R
Student Co-ordinator  :  Ms. Pavithra Naik  – 3rdB.com(A)
Mr.Prajwal – 3rd B.com(B)
1 01.08.2019 Inauguration Of Commerce Association & EDP Cell   By Mrs.Vathika Pai, Proprietor –Vathika International Travels
2 22.8.2019 Inspiring- The Young Minds by Mrs.Vathika Pai, Proprietor –Vathika International Travels
3 09.09.2019 Enduring Family Entrepreneurship by  Sri Bhaskar Rao, Proprietor Rao Enterprise, Surathkal
4. 11th, 12th and 14th October 2019 Reflection of Strategies ……Live Examples presentation by 1st B.Com Students.
5. 10th, 11th and 12th of October 2019 ‘We are Entrepreneurs’ presentation by 2nd B.Com ‘B’ Students
6 15.11.2019 Workshop on Digital Marketing & Image Management – 2019-20
7 20.12.2019 Business Education And Innovatia 2019-20
8 03.01.2020 GDC Food Court
9 27.2.2020 A Workshop on Saree Tasseling

Entrepreneurship Development Cell -2018-19

Staff Co-ordinator        :  Ms. Punitha.R
Student Co-ordinator  :  Ms.Akshatha.M  – 3rdB.com(A)
Mr.Yakshith – 3rdB.com(B)
1. 26.07.2018 Inauguration of Commerce Association & EDP Cell by  Prof.Jagadisha Bala, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce , Govt. First Grade College for Women, Balmatta, Mangalore
2. 28.07.2018 One Day Inter- Collegiate Workshop on Employability Skills of Commerce Students in MAPS College to four Final Year B.Com Students
3. 28.09.2018 Workshop on Interview Skills by  Ms. Punitha.R, Lecturer, Department of Commerce ,Govinda Dasa College to Final Year B.Com students
4. 28.09.2018 Workshop on Basics of Photography by  Mr. Atul Bhat,Lecturer , Dept. Of Physics, G.D.C , Surathkal
5. 9th , 10th& 11th  October 2018 Workshop on Hair Styling by  Ms. Roshani –  3rdB.Com ‘A’ , Ms. Ashwini – 3rd B.Com ‘A’, Ms. Rakshitha – 3rd B.Com ‘B’
6. 29.09.2018 A Industrial Visit To KIOCL  to 3rd B.Com ‘A’
7. 10.10.2018 Presentation on Management Topics by 1st B.Com’A’ Students
8. 15.10.2019 A Presentation on New Product Development  3rd B.Com ‘A’ Students
9. 29th October – 2nd November,2018 Faculty Development Programme on Idea Generation & Innovation in NITK , Surathkal
10. 14.1.2019 Workshop on Art & Craft by Prof. Sujatha , Lecturer Dept. Of Mathematics, GDC, Surathkal
11. 24.1.2019. A Workshop on Business Education & Innovatia 2018-19 inaugurated by  Smt. Lakshmi. P , Principal GD Pre-University College, Surathkal
12 2-2-2019 An Industrial Visit to KIOCL’ 2018-19 to 3rd B.Com ‘B’ Batch students
13. 10.4.2019 Presentation on ‘An interview with a successful Entrepreneur” by 2nd B.Com ‘B’ Students

Entrepreneurship Development Cell -2017-18

Staff Co-ordinator       : Ms. Punitha.R
Student Co-ordinator : Ms.Bindiya  – 3rdB.com(B)
Mr.Chinmaya – 3rdB.com(B)
1. 19.08.2017 Inauguration of EDP Cell & Mahila Vedike  by Ms.Shruthi, N.S,S.P,  Mangalore (Anti-Corruption Burearu)
2. 23.08.2017 & 24.08.2017 Two Final Year Students attended Leadership Training Programme at Vijaya College
3. 28.08.2017 Final Year B.Com students attended Exhibition Competition at Shree Devi College
4. 28.08.2017 Final Year B.Com Students  visited a exhibition conducted by Shree Devi College, Kenjar
5. 06.09.2017 Attended Leadership Development Programme at Sahyadri College by Five Final B.Com Year students
6. 16.09.2017 Final Year B.Com students had a Industrial Visit to Campco at Puttur
7. 26.09.2017 A Industrial Visit to BASF to Final Year B.Com Students
8. 09.10.2017 Presentation on Practical Management topics by 1st Year B.Com ‘ B’ students
9. 10.10.2017 Presentation on ‘Financial Analysis of Your Business’ by 2nd B.Com ‘ A’
10. 02.01.2018 Organised a workshop on ‘Business Education & GST’ and Inauguration of Innovatia -2017-18 .