Fine Arts Association

Fine Arts Association has emerged along with the establishment of Govinda Dasa College in 1967. Since then, Fine Arts has been the heartbeat of every GDCian’s College life. Fine Arts Association aims at discovering and unwrapping the hidden talents by providing a platform to exhibit student’s talents.

Fine Arts Association of our College imbibes the culture of its Alma- mater and thereby considers ‘Art’ as ‘Goddess’.  Our students blend the tradition & rich culture of our institute and bring it out in their vibrant performance.

The year 2003, has been a remarkable year for Fine Arts as, Lalitha Kala & Yakshgana  Adyayana Kendra were added to the wings of GDC Fine Arts Association.Our College also conducts various Inter – Collegiate programmes such as DIGANTHA (Cultural Fest) , Sahithi Sammelanas, etc.

The passion for  art by our students is manifested by excelling in all the possible Fine Arts fields such as Dance, Singing, Orchestra, Skit, Drawing, Painting, Crafts, Mime, Darma, Warli Art , etc,.

Our students have been actively participating in various Inter-Collegiate/ University level, State and National level Fests and have brought laurels to our college. In February 2019, our Team has represented India in an Inter-National Level 12th South Asian Universities Youth Festival (SAUFEST) programme held at Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur, Chattisgarh (India) under the aegis of Association of Indian Universities (AIU),  which has been marked as a Milestone in the history of GDC and Mangalore University.


  1. To nurture ,inspire and encourage to explore the innate , hidden talents of the students
  2. To uplift the flag of GDC to a new height.

Kalaabdhi- Creative and Cultural Training Centre 

Centre for Cultural Resources and Training 

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Staff Co-ordinators:
  1. Ramesh Bhat ,SWO & Vice – Principal
  2. Deepa Shetty , HOD , Department of Kannada
  3. Punitha R, HOD, Department of Business Administration
  4. Dr. Vijayalaxmi Nayak, HOD, Department of History
Cultural Instructor :     Mr.Vinod Shetty Krishnapura
Student Co-ordinators:
  1. Ms. Rashmi J Anchan – III B.Com
  2. Mr. Sagar Shetty – II BBA
  3. Ms. Arpitha  Upadhya- II.B.Com