Youth Red Cross Unit 2019-2020

The Red Cross is an international humanitarian service organization dedicated to the cause of suffering humanity both in times of war and peace since 8 decades. its Headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland.Jean Henry Dunant , known as the father of the RED CROSS. The Youth Red Cross is a unit that is meant to involve the youth in working towards building a better society with the principles followed by that of the International Red Cross Society.


“The Youth Red Cross ” is the most important constituent of its mother organization, Indian Red Cross Society. it is a group moment organized for students in colleges and technical institutions. the students are trained and encouraged to manage the affairs of the group, electing their own office bearers.


“I pledge myself to take care of my own health and that of others, to help the sick and suffering, especially children and to look upon all over the world as my friends”


To develop among youth sustainable approaches in addressing three key areas.

  1. Disaster
  2. Health
  3. Social Exclusion
Youth Red Cross has the following three principles:
  • Protection of Health & Life
  • Service to the Sick & Suffering
  • Promotion of National & International Friendship, to develop the mental and moral capacities of the youth
With these in mind, the YRC unit of our college involves students in the following activities regularly:
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Free Dental Check Up Camps
  • Cleanliness and awareness programs
  • Promotion of Health and Hygiene
  • Service to others
  • National Integration
  • Relief work during emergencies like flood, fire and other natural calamities
  • Literacy campaign
  • Avoidance of drugs
  • AIDS awareness
  • Communal harmony
  • Community service
  • Girl Child care

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”


    “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”

YRC volunteers planted saplings along the road dividers from Chokkabettu to Surathkal nearly 5kms.

                    “Environmental revolution begins with greening motherland”

YRC volunteers celebrating VanMahotsav

“Yoga is a light , which once lit will never dim. the better your practice, the brighter your flame.

YRC volunteers celebrating International Yoga Day


Student Secretaries:

  • Yashaswini, 2nd ‘A’
  • Chithra , 2nd ‘B’

Total YRC volunteers:62 Date Program  Description
01 30-6-2019 Swachh Surathkal Campaign -01 16 YRC volunteers participated in cleaning campaign under the Swachh Bharath campaign of Ramakrishna mission and Virat Surathkal
02 21-6-2019 International Yoga day 8 YRC volunteers participated in Yoga day celebration
03 1-7-2019 Vanamahotsava YRC secretaries actively participated in Vanamahotsav celebration
04 4-8-2019 Swachh Surathkal Campaign-02 12 YRC volunteers participated in cleaning campaign under the Swach Bharath campaign of Ramakrishna mission and Virat Surathkal
05 19-7-2019 ‘Divyas Diploma Inner Value Course’ training program Resource persons Psychologist  Hari Kumar and Vice President in Divyas Trust Smt. Shobha Baskaran trained students about various inner values. All YRC volunteers participated in this training program.
06 30-7-2019 Dengue Prevention Camp 5 YRC volunteers participated in dengue prevention camp. Students destroyed mosquito larva in college surroundings.
07 9-8-2019 ‘Swachh Manasu’ Seminar 10 YRC volunteers participated in clean India ‘Swachh Manasu” seminar at Ramakrishna muth, Mangaluru.
08 22-9-2019 Swachh Surathkal campaign -03 16 YRC volunteers participated in cleanliness drive at Vishnumurthy temple.
09 28-9-2019 Swachh Surathkal campaign -04 17 YRC volunteers participated in cleanliness drive in Surathkal area.
YRC REPORT 2017-2018

YRC Officer: Mr. Athul Bhat

Total YRC volunteers: 65 Number of Participant Program Description
01 97 blood donors Blood donation camp The program was co-ordinated with the help of 20 volunteers and 10 KMC staff along with 3 college staff
02 250 students received dental treatment Dental Check-up camp In association with NSS UNIT OF Yenepoya Dental College, a dental check-up was conducted for the students of our college.
03 All the students and staff Dental Check-up camp-Guttakadu In association with NSS UNIT OF Yenepoya Dental College, a dental check-up was conducted for the students  staff of Govt. Primary School , Guttakadu, Kinnigoli and the public residing in the area. The event was held in association with GDC NSS unit during the Annual Special Camp.
04 35 students Beach Cleaning- Tannirubavi The district YRC  wing along with MU conducted a beach cleaning capmaign under the Swachh Bharath Abhiyaan.
Staff In-charge:

Ms. Shwetha, Dept. of Journalism