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Dr. B. R. Ambedkar remembrance and Voter’s awareness Workshop(2018-2019)

Posted 5 years ago / GDC UG

The NSS Unit & Youth Red Cross Unit of GDC conducted a one day awareness program on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s contribution to the nation in light of coming elections as a Voter’s awareness program for the students of various colleges on 2nd March 2019 at A.V Hall. The program was inaugurated by Prof. Rajaram … Continue reading “Dr. B. R. Ambedkar remembrance and Voter’s awareness Workshop(2018-2019)”

National Science Celebration : 2019

Posted 5 years ago / GDC UG

National Science day this year was celebrated by the Science Association in association with JCI Ganeshpura , on 28th February 2019, with a Talk on Latest Developments in the Field of Basic Sciences & Career Guidance. Dr. Sankeerth Hebbar, Principal, Ramakunjeshwara College, Puttur delivered the Talk for the students of B.Sc at A.V. Hall. Principal … Continue reading “National Science Celebration : 2019”

Swachh Surathkal Abhiyan 2018 : Cleanliness Awareness Rally

Posted 5 years ago / GDC UG

On the Occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, October 2nd 2018, Several Associations and Offices of Govinda Dasa College took part in inauguration of the Swachh Surathkal Abhiyan held at Kulai. The students, co-ordinators and other staff members took part in the Cleanliness Awareness Rally organized by Swaatch Bharath Ramakrishna Mission & Nagarika Salaha Samithi, Mangalore. The … Continue reading “Swachh Surathkal Abhiyan 2018 : Cleanliness Awareness Rally”

Talk on Space Technology

Posted 5 years ago / GDC UG

A talk on “Space Technology for national development” was given by Mr. Janardhana E., Former Dy. Director, Vikram Sarabhai Space center & Retd. Scientist, Indian Space Research Organization, who is also the current president of Hindu Vidyadayinee Sangha, Surathkal, on 7th September 2018, at Assembly Hall by the Department of Physics under Physics Forum. Mr. … Continue reading “Talk on Space Technology”

Visit to Regional Science Center

Posted 5 years ago / GDC UG

The department of Physics under Physics Forum, organized a visit to the Pilikula Regional Science Center and Swami Vivekananda Planetarium on 25th August 2018. 65 students from the 3 batches of B.Sc., 2 alumni, staff of physics department along wit the Dean of Sciences left from campus, for Pilikula, at 10am. The group was received … Continue reading “Visit to Regional Science Center”

ಶಿಬಿರಗಳ ಸಮಾರೋಪ ಸಮಾರಂಭ

Posted 5 years ago / GDC General

ಶಿಬಿರಗಳ ಸಮಾರೋಪ ಸಮಾರಂಭ: ಕ್ರೀಡೆಗೆ ವಿಶೇಷ ಆದ್ಯತೆ ಲಭ್ಯವಾಗುತ್ತಿದ್ದು, ಶ್ರದ್ದೆ ಮತ್ತು ಬದ್ಧತೆಯಿಂದ ಕ್ರೀಡಾ ತರಬೇತಿ ಪಡೆದು ಉತ್ತಮ ಕ್ರೀಡಾಪಟುಗಳಾಗಬೇಕೆಂದು ಮಂಗಳೂರು ವಿ. ವಿ. ಯ ಕ್ರೀಡಾ ಶಿಕ್ಷಣ ವಿಭಾಗದ ಸಹಾಯಕ ನಿರ್ದೇಶಕ ಡಾ. ಹರಿದಾಸ್ ಕೂಳೂರು ನುಡಿದಿದ್ದಾರೆ. ಅವರು ಮಂಗಳೂರು ವಿ. ವಿ. ದ ಕ್ರೀಡಾ ವಿಭಾಗ ಹಾಗೂ ಗೋವಿಂದ ದಾಸ ಕಾಲೇಜಿನ ಕ್ರೀಡಾ ವಿಭಾಗದ ವತಿಯಿಂದ ಆಯೋಜಿಸಲಾದ ಒಂದು ತಿಂಗಳ ಬೇಸಿಗೆ ವಾಲಿಬಾಲ್ ತರಬೇತಿ ಶಿಬಿರ ಹಾಗೂ ಸುರತ್ಕಲ್ ಸ್ಪೋಟ್ರ್ಸ್ ಅಕಾಡೆಮಿ ಸಹಭಾಗಿತ್ವದೊಂದಿಗೆ ಆಯೋಜಿಸಿದ್ದ … Continue reading “ಶಿಬಿರಗಳ ಸಮಾರೋಪ ಸಮಾರಂಭ”

Strategy Planning at GDC

Posted 6 years ago / GDC General

On 19th May 2018, the  HinduVidyadayinne Sangha Surathkal, which manages host of institutions like Vidyadayanee Primary School, Venkataramana Primary School, Vidyadayani High School, Govinda Dasa Pre-University College, Govinda Dasa College and Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research embarked on an ambitious strategic planning process, seeking the best ideas to shape the future of its institutions. Strategic Planning Team … Continue reading “Strategy Planning at GDC”