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Sky -Watch Programme-2021

Posted 3 years ago / GDC UG

Department of Physics,Govinda Dasa College Surathkal organised Sky -Watch programme on 8-12-2021 at 6:00pm in Govinda Dasa College Campus.Session was conducted by Mr.Atul Bhat ,Department of Physics, Poornaprajna College Udupi by viewing Venus,Crescent moon,Jupiter  and Saturn.Students and public were actively participated in the programme. Principal, Prof.P Krishnamoorthy , Mrs.Shobha Kumari A ,Head of the  Department … Continue reading “Sky -Watch Programme-2021”

A talk on Quantum Mechanics 2020-21

Posted 3 years ago / GDC UG

A talk on Quantum Mechanics by Mr.Atul Bhat ,Department of Physics, Poornaprajna college Udupi was conducted on 22 February 2021 by the Department of Physics under Physics Forum on account of National science day.The talk began with the formal stage programme. Mrs Shobha Kumari,H.O.D of Physics  florally welcomed the dignitaries on the dias,followed by the … Continue reading “A talk on Quantum Mechanics 2020-21”

Inter-collegiate fest -“VastuSiddata” a part of Digantha 2020

Posted 4 years ago / GDC UG

Digantha inter-collegiate fest held on 09-01-2020. Physics event- VASTUSIDDATA (Science model competition)was conducted by department of  Phyiscs.  Nine teams from  various  colleges participated. Event was judged by Dr.Sharath Kumar,Assist.Prof Govinda Dasa College of PG studies in Chemistry and Chethan G ,Research  scholar ,Mangalore University Konaje.Maps college won first place . Coordinators for the event Staff:Ms … Continue reading “Inter-collegiate fest -“VastuSiddata” a part of Digantha 2020”

Annular solar eclipse -2019-2020

Posted 5 years ago / GDC UG

Annular Solar Eclipse Viewed on Campus The annular solar eclipse of 26th December 2019 was viewed by the faculty of Department of Physics along with the  B.Sc students. The observation session began at 8.04a.m with the students viewing the sun. The eclipse was viewed for the entire duration from 8:00AM to 11.00AM using the “pin … Continue reading “Annular solar eclipse -2019-2020”

Outreach Programme at G.H.S Chithrapura 2019-2020

Posted 5 years ago / GDC UG

Basic Science outreach programme for government school students of Chithrapura was conducted on 14/09/2019 by department of Chemistry,Physics,Mathematics under Science Association. In chemistry elephant toothpaste,adulteration in food stuff,chemical chemilion , disappearing thermacole , electric writting etc were conducted. In Mathematics pythagoras theorem was explained. In Physics Reflection,Refraction & rectilinear propagation of light,heron’s fountain, gravity well, … Continue reading “Outreach Programme at G.H.S Chithrapura 2019-2020”

Talk on Nano Technology 2019-2020

Posted 5 years ago / GDC UG

A talk on “Nano Technology” was given by Dr.Krishnaprabha M , Associate professor,Govt.First Grade college Carstreet,Mangalore On 3rd September 2019, at Audio Visual Hall by the  Department of Physics under Physics Forum. Dr.Krishnaprabha M spoke about Nano technology,Nano  particles and its applications and properties and also about the research activities. The talk was conducted for … Continue reading “Talk on Nano Technology 2019-2020”