Department of English



Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

The Department of English,at Govinda Dasa College,is synonymous with college education. Hence ,t has its roots with the establishment of the college in 1967.  We, in the department, nurture a climate of original thinking and reasoning. Thereby, prepare the students for  creative writing and thinking for a purposeful career. Students, quite often, are engaged in debates, group discussions and language skill enhancing activities so that they are able to face the challenges of present day job market.We train the young minds to face public with confidence and make them involved in fear free conversations in and out the college campus Our aim is not only  to expertise them in thier concerned subjects but to firmly cultivate and enhance thier knowledge to grab any challenges and utilize the opportunities with dignity and courage.

Our Vision

  • To help students see themselves as professionals, as part of a discipline with skills and abilities valuable in the business,teaching and to be career oriented.
  • To provide appropriate pedagogies-including classsize-and environments like providing classroom resources,equipments and technology.
  • To assure that students encounter creativity crucial to English studies by indulging them in cultural activiies where language becomes a priority.
  • To balance the needs of general education-communication, diversity,global perspectives,interdisciplinary studies to facilitate values and professional ethics.




The Department consists of the Following Staff:

1 Mr. Kumar Madar Assistant Professor - HOD
2 Ms. Sharmitha.u Assistant Professor