Department of Political Science

Department of Political Science was started in  1967 with the aim to train students in the fundamentals of Political Science. Since then the department has produced s good number of students who have excelled in arts, literature, sports, journalism, politics, social service and various fields. Many of them have turned out to be excellent academicians, lawyers, teachers, journalists, social workers and business executives.

Activities of the Department:

Department invites distinguished scholars, Academicians and conducts workshops, seminars, Special Lectures on various subjects of Political Science. In addition, the department is also engaged in research activities. The faculty has published extensively in the form articles, research papers, reports etc.

Subjects of Teaching:
  • Indian Constitution and Human Rights ( Mandatory Paper for I Year B.A, B.Com, B.C.A, B.Sc courses )
  • Introduction to Political Science- I Semester BA
  • Comparative Government and Politics- II Semester BA
  • Indian Political System- III Semester BA
  • Political Thinkers-IV Semester BA
  • Public Administration- V semester BA

Programmes conducted by the Department-2019-2020

Sl.NO Date Nature of Programme Resource person No. Of participants
1 23.09.2019 Special Lecture on Political Analysis-an art Prof.Surendranatha Shetty

Associate Professor, MGM College Udupi

2. 02.03.209 One Day workshop on Dr.B.R.Ambedkars Remembrance and Voters Awareness Dr.Rajaram Tolpady, Professor, mangalore University


Mrs. Athrady Amritha Shetty, Social Activist

Prof.Krishna Moorthy

3. 24.01.2019 National Voters Day Prof.Shakheela Hegde, Asst.Professor, St.Aloysius College, Mangalore 104


1 24.01.2018 Special Lecture on Political Leadership Mrs.Kavita Sanil

Mayor, Mangalore City Corporation

2 22.01.2018 National Voters Day- Special Lecture Election, Voting Rights Dr.P.S.Yadapadithaya

Former Registrar of Mangalore University



The Department consists of the Following Staff:

1 Dr. Ashalatha.p Assistant Professor - HOD
2 Capt. Sudha U Assistant Professor