Mr. Dhanyakumar Venkannavar

Assistant Professor Department of Commerce & Business Administration
1 year experience at GDC**

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  • M.Com, KSET
  • pursuing Phd.
Research & Publications


  • Department of post graduates studies and Research in commerce one day national level seminar on emerging issue in financial sector on Jan 31 2010.
  • one day state level workshop on “an awareness on Taxation laws in India ” on 7th March 2017.
  • One day workshop on V sem GST-I held on 24th June 2017.
  • National level seminar on Business Education in India vision 2030, on 24th and 25th Feb 2018.
  • One day state level seminar on Higer Education Cross Road, on 23rd December 2018.
  • state level workshop on Teaching Learning and Evaluation on 30th May 2019.
  • one day workshop on NEP 2020 Commerce course structure hel on 28th August 2021.
  • One day workshop on B.Com III and V Sem syllabus on 8th November 2022.
  • One day National level seminar on Impact and influence of Ukrine and Russia was on Indain Trade , held on 25th June 2022.
  • Two Days National Level Seminar on Impact of changing Banking practice on the Indian Economy 28th and 29th March 2023.
  • One day workshop on Fifth Semester  course on Income Tax, conducted by MUCTA, on Sep 2nd 2023
Other Activities

Responsibilities held in the college

  • Co-ordinator of Navya Diganth Magazine.
  • Orientation/Induction  programme1 completed. Organized  by the Teaching and  learning Centre by Ramunjan University, New Delhi.
  • Worked as Exam OS on July 2023.
  • Appreciation certificate from Teachment-for successfully conducting 100 hours of live online teaching on Teachment.