Dr. Ashalatha.P

Assistant Professor - HOD Department of Political Science
Contact:    ashalathapgdc.edu.in
6 months experience at GDC**

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Research & Publications

Successfully Completed a 4- Week “Faculty Induction /Orientation Programme” organised by Teaching Learning Centre , Ramanujan College, University of Delhi under the aegis of Ministry of Education, Malaviya Mission Teacher Traning Programme for Faculties of Higher Educational Institutions from 21 February to 13 march 2024 with Grade ‘A’.

UGC Minor Research Project 2017 : Submitted   to  UGC New Delhi.

Ph.D  Degree awarded by Mangalore University:  Worked for doctoral Degree under the supervision of Dr. P.L Dharma, Professor, Department of Political Science, &  Currently,  The Vice-Chancellor of Mangalore University.

27 Jan 2024

Research article titled “Inclusive Governance – A reflection on Indian Scenario” presented in the National Conference held on 12 March 2024, organized by Vivekananda College(Autonomous ) Puttur.

Presented a paper titled “Shades of Indian Nationalism- An overview” presented in the Workshop on New Syllabus, organized by Mangalore University Political Science Teachers Association (MUPSTA) held on 14.03.2024.

Presented views in an All India Radio Discussion and awareness Programme on the theme ‘Indian Constitution & Gender Equality” broadcasted on 22.05.2024.


1 Book Chapters published in Edited ISBN No. Books 04
2 Research Articles Published in UGC CARE Journals: 07
3 International/ National Refereed  ISSN  Journals: 12
4 Presented  Papers in International / National / State level Seminars 32
5 Participation in All India Radio (Mangalore Akashavani) Programmes  04
6 Participation   in TV Live discussions 03
7 Special Lectures Delivered / Participation as Keynote Speaker / Resource Person Above 40

Book Chapters in  Edited  ISBN No. Books: 04

1. Chapter titled “ Ambedkar Chintanegala Prastutate” published in Edited Book “Avibhajitha dakshina Kannadada Dalitha Chintane” Published by Akrithi Aashaya Publications, Mangalore, ISBN No: 978-93-92116-24-7, 2023

2. Chapter titled “ Knowledge Management in Higher Educational Institutions of India” published in Edited Book titled Reach- Capturing the Tenets of Contemporary Enquiry, ISBN No Book, Published by Research and Consultation committee; Bangalore, Karunadu Sahitya and Samskritika Vedike ® Bidar-2021

3. Chapter titled “ Siddhalingaiahnavara Barahagalalli Samajamukhi Chintanegalu mattu Avugala Prastutate”, published in ISBN No: 978-81-953397-1-6 edited book, Published by Suvvi Publications; Shimoga, 2021

4. Chapter titled “Building of Social Capital & Quality Education” published in ISBN No: 978-93-5570-053-7 edited Book, Published by Aknik Publications; New Delhi, 2021

Research Articles Published in  Academic Journals: 7+12=19

Research Articles Published in UGC CARE Journals: 07

1. Article titled “Knowledge Management Process in Higher Educational Institutions- A Reflection on NEP 2020”Published in UGC Care Group-1 Journal,  July 2023.

2. Article Titled “Digitalisation of Higher Educational Institutions” published in  UGC Care Group-1 Journal, (ISSN No:0972-0766 Vol.97, No.07, July 2023)

3. Article titled “Inclusive Governance in India: Approaches for Social Inclusion” Published in UGC Care listed and Peer-Reviewed Journal  (Vol.13, Issue No-51, January 2023)

4. Article titled “ B.R. Ambedkar mattu Bhaaratada Prajatantra”. Published in  UGC Care listed and Peer-Reviewed Journal  ( Vol.13, Issue No-49, July September 2022)

5. Article titled “Kanakadaasara Kritigalalli Samajamukhi Chintanegalu Mattu Avugala Prastutate”. Published in UGC care Kannada Journal (ISSN: 2347-5048, Vol.12, Issue No-46, October-December 2021)

6. Article titled “Human Trafficking in India: Nature and Strategies of Prevention”. Published in UGC Care Approved Indexed, Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal (Vol. No 44, Issue No-01 (1) January-March 2021, with ISSN -2249-6661)

7. Article on   the   topic   “Knowledge   Management    in    Higher Educational Institutions Issues and challenges”. Published in UGC care Journal (Vol.31, Issue-51- June 2020, ISSN: 0971-2143).

Research Articles Published in Refereed  ISSN  Journals: 12

8. Article titled “ Quality Education and Building of Social Capital” Published in Aruhu Kuruhu- Peer-Reviewed BI- Lingual Monthly Journal  ( Vol.14, Issue No-53, June -July 2023)

9. Article titled “Bhaaratadalli Praani Hakkugala Samrakshana Chalavali: Saamvidhaanika Dristikona” Published in   Aruhu Kuruhu- Peer-Reviewed BI- Lingual  Monthly Journal  ( Vol.14, Issue No-53, February 2023)

10. Article titled “Gandhian Philosophy and Its Relevance”. Published in PARIPEX- Indian Journal of Research, Vol-8, Iss.No-5, May 2019, ISSN NO-2250-1991 P: 41 (UGC. Sr. No 47432), Impact Factor-6.761 (Peer Reviewed, Refereed, Refereed & Indexed International Journal)

11. Article titled “Dr. B R Ambedkar on Democracy”. Published in PARIPEX- Indian Journal of Research, Vol-8, Iss.No-4, April 2019, ISSN NO-2250-1991 (UGC. Sr. No 47432), Impact Factor-6.761 (Peer Reviewed, Referred, Refereed & Indexed International Journal) p-19-20

12. Article titled “Contemporary Relevance of Mahatma Jyothiba Phule’s Philosophy“. Published in EDU WORLD – A Multidisciplinary International Peer Reviewed/ Refereed Journal (UGC No-62981) (Vol.XII, No7, ISSN 2319-7129), P 340-344, April, 2018

13. Article titled “Atrocities on Dalits: A Human Rights Perspective“. Published in Education Times – A Multidisciplinary International Peer Reviewed Journal (UGC No-62976) (Vol.IX, No-1, ISSN-2319-8265, PP: 333-338 January 2018

14. Article titled “Gender Equity and Participation of Women in Panchayat Raj Institutions: Key Issues”. Published in Airo International Multidisciplinary Indexed Research Journal (UGC Listed Journal-63012), (Vol.12, Issue: 2, ISSN: 2320-3714) PP: 1228-1238) August 2017.

15. Article titled “ Caste System and  Racial Discrimination in United States”. Published in Indian Journal of Applied Research, Volume: 3| Issue: 3|March, 2013, ISSN-2249-555X (Peer Reviewed & Refereed International Journal)

16. Article titled “Status of Dalit Women in India- Caste and gender Based Exclusion”. Published in PARIPEX – Indian Journal of Research, Volume: 2 | Issue: 2 | February 2013, ISSN – 2250-1991, PP: 74-76, Impact Factor: 0.3208 (Peer Reviewed & Refereed International Journal).

17. Article titled “Atrocities on Dalits- A gap between Law and Practice Published in “Global Journal for Research Analysis”, in Vol.3| Iss: 3| March 2014,ISSN-2277-8160, PP: 13-15, Impact Factor: 1.5408, (Peer Reviewed & Refereed International Journal)

18. Article titled “Caste in Indian Politics”. Published in PERIPEX – Indian Journal of Research, in Vol.3| Issue: 3|March 2014, ISSN-2250-1991, PP: 73, Impact Factor: 1.6714. (Peer Reviewed &Refereed International Journal)

19. Article titled ‘Making of India’s Constitution’. Published with ISBN 978-81- 923151-6-4, PP: 87- 92 by Tumakur University.

Presented  Papers in International / national / State level Seminars/Conferences: 32

Presentations in  International Seminars : 07

  1. A Paper titled “Social Capital and Community Building: A Reflection on NEP 2020” presented in International Conference on the theme Sustainable Synergy: A Multidisciplinary Exploration of Possibilities Across Industries, organized by Soundarya Institute of Management & Science, Bangalore on 15 December 2023.
  2. A Paper Titled “ Digitalization of Higher Educational Institutions-Key Issues, Presented in an International Conference organized by Field Marshal K.M Cariyappa College on 16th and 17th June 2023
  3. A Paper on the theme Theory of Federalismpresented at the International Conference organized by Karnataka University, Dharwad on 25th – 27th March 2011.
  4. A Paper titled “Human Rights Violations in Tibet” presented in an International conference organized by joint venture of Indo-Tibetan Friendship Society, Bylakuppe and Govt. First Grade College, Kushalnagar on the theme ‘Status of Tibet in the Contemporary World Politics: Problems and Perspectives, on 22nd February 2013.
  1. A paper titled “Adivasis and Nomads, their life and challenges” presented in Dr.B.R Ambedkar International Conference , organized by the Government of Karnataka on 21st – 23rd July 2017 in GKVK Campus, Bengaluru, on the theme “Quest for Equity”.
  2. Chaired the Technical Session in an International Conference held on the topic “Media and Climate Action” and Presented my Paper on the topic ” Media and Climate Change: Stake Holder’s Responsibilities” organized by Alva’s College, Moodabidire, Dakshina Kannada on 28.02.2020.
  1. Invited as Rapporteur for the  International Conference held on the theme “Emerging Issues and Trends in Intellectual capital and Innovative Management Practices in the Global Economy, held at Govinda Dasa College, surathkal, Mangalore on 13th and 14th January 2020.

 Presentation in National seminars: 20

 Presentation in State level Seminars: 05

Participation in AIR Akashavani Mangalore Programmes  &  TV (Live) discussions: 3+3=06

Special Lectures Delivered or  Participation as Resource Person / Delegate /Keynote Speaker- Above 40

  • Invited as Resource person and delivered Lecture on “B.R.Ambedkar & Nation Building Process” organized by MRPL Surathkal on 14.04.2023.
  • Invited as resource person to deliver Lecture on the topic “Indian Democracy and Electoral Process in India” organized by Electoral Literacy club of Sri Gokarnanathheshwara College, Mangalore on March 2023.
  • Invited as Resource person and delivered Lecture on “ B.R Ambedkar and Democracy” organized by National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal (NITK Surathkal) on 14.04.2022.
  • Invited as Resource person and delivered lecture on “New Education Policy 2020” in the district level Kannada Sahitya Sammelana organized by Kannada Sahithya Parishat at Sharada Vidyalaya, Mangalore on16.02.2021.
  • Participated as a Panelist in a Live Discussion on ‘V4 News 24×7’ TV Channel on ‘Contributions and Relevance of Savitri Bai Phule’ (https://youtu.be/gAa1ufFUBUS) You Tube Channel: https://bit.ly/20mfzlb on 05.01.2021
  • An All India Radio talk given on “Human Rights and Indian Constitution – Responsibilities of the Youth” at Akashavani Mangalore. Date of broadcast 07.12.2020.(available at     3mhzAM1089khz, http://prasarabharathi.gov.in/AIR/airstations.php)
  • Participated as a Panelist in a Live Discussion on ‘V4 News 24×7’ TV Channel on ‘Constitutional Day’ on 26.11.2020, which is available at (http://www.facebook.com/V4Stream/Vedios/717282518883175/)
  • Special Lecture was delivered on “Indian Democracy : Ambedkar’s Perspective” for the students of Government First Grade College, Kaup, Udupi district, which was organized by Department of Kannada and Culture Department, Government of Karnataka on 24.12.2021.
  • 14.04.2021: Invited as Keynote Speaker by the D.K. District Administration for District level Ambedkar Jayanti Program 2021.
  • 14.04.2021: Invited as Resource Person to give Special lecture by  BJP Yuva Morcha (Mangalore North).
  • 05.01.2021- V4 News 24*7 Channel: Panelist in the Savitri Phule Birth Anniversary  discussion in V4 News 24*7 Channel (https://youtu.be/gAa1ufFUBUS) You Tube Channel: https://bit.ly/20mfzlb
  • 04.01.2021: Special Lecture on the topic ” New Education Policy 2020” in Govinda Dasa  College, Surathkal
  • Radio talk on the topic “Human Rights and Indian Constitution- Responsibilities of the Youths” in Akashavani Mangalore, broadcasted on 07.12.2020.(FM100.3mhzAM1089khz, http://prasarabharathi.gov.in/AIR/airstations.php)
  • 26.11.2020- V4 News 24*7 Channel: Panelist in the Constitutional Day Live discussion in V4 News 24*7 Channel (http://www.facebook.com/V4Stream/Vedios/717282518883175/)
  • 26.11.2020- Invited as Resource Person for the Constitutional Day Program to give Lecture for the members of BJP Yuva Morcha (Mangalore North) on the topic “Constitution day and its Significance
  • 25.11.2020-Presented paper titled “Digital Initiatives in Indian Higher Educational Institutions” in One Day National Conference on Emerging Paradigm in Artificial Intelligence (AI) held in Imperial Degree College, Bangalore University.
  • 27.07.2020 -Presented paper titled “Inclusive Governance in India- Issues and Challenges” in National Seminar held in Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Bihar on the topic “Contemporary Polity and Governance in India”

Participation as resource person and delivered Lecture- 2019-2020: 12

  • 08.07.2019- Govinda Dasa PU College on the topic “Election , Electoral Process and Future Voters”– organized by Electoral literacy Club
  • 07.09. 2019- Government First grade College Kavooru on the topic “ Role of Election in Democracy 
  • 26.12.2019- Rukmini Shetty Government first Grade College on the topic “Youths, Human Values and Social Commitment” in Annual NSS Camp.
  • 03.01.2020- “Contemporary Relevance of Savitri Phule” – jointly organized by Shikshana Sampanmoolagala Okkoota D.K.District and Udupi district shikshana Sampanmoola Kendra for the Teachers of Both the district.
  • 10.01.2020- “Human rights- issues and challenges”- organized by D.K.District Consumer Federation for the students of Governement First Grade College, Haleyangady.
  • 18.01.2020- “Human rights in the Digital Era”- organized by D.K.District Consumer Federation for the students of Governement First Grade College, Kavooru.
  • 20.01.2020- “Rigits vrs Responsibilities”- organized by D.K.District Consumer Federation for the students of Besant womens College.
  • 24.01.2020- “Democracy and Human rights”-organised by D.K.District Consumer Federation for the students of Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal
  •  05.02.2020- “Creating Human Right Culture “ -for the students of  Canara College, Mangalore
  • 06.02.2020- Paper presented in National Seminar titled ” Knowledge Management in Higher Education” held in Govt. First grade College, Bantwal on the topic Intellectual property Right.
  • 28.02.2020-Chaired the Technical Session in International Conference held on the topic “Media and Climate Action” organised by  Alva’s College, Moodabidire.
  • 03.03.2020-Participated as Moderator of One Day Workshop on “Ground Water Conservation”  organised by Directorate of Ground Water, Government of Karnataka and District Ground Water department, D.K.District for Public at Dharmasthala.
Other Activities

Academic Responsibilities Managed: 

  • Coordinator of Consumer & Human Rights Forum  2013- November 2021
  • Coordinator of Electoral Literacy Club 2018- November 2021
  • Coordinator of Political Science Association 2018-November 2021
  • Class Teacher of I BA 2020-November 2021

Additional Responsibilities in Other Institutions/ Departments :

  • Treasurer– Mangalore University Political Science Teachers Association (MUPSTA) -2015
  • Resource Person: Worked with National law School of India University, Bangalore (NLSIU, Bngalore) for the State level Campaign Ambedkar for Youths and Democracy -2016
  • Resource Person: Worked with Social Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka   for the State level and State Funded Programme – Ambedkar Jnana Darshana -2017