Mr. Vaman Kamath

Associate Professor - HOD Department of Mathematics
33 experience at GDC**

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  • MSc
  • M.Phil
Research & Publications

Seminers/ workshops attended

  • 12-12-2005           National seminar held at   Milagres College Kallianpur
  • 30-12-2005          Synergic  Solutions For Sustainable Development                                                         National Institute Of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
  • 06-01-2007         Graph Theory and its Applications    St Alosysius                                                          College,Mangalore
  • 04-03-2007        Workshop on Effective Teaching of Mathematics   NITK,                                          Surathkal
  • June 2007            ”Global Skills Enhancement” Programme Infosys                                                        Leadership Institute, Mysore
  • 02-08-2008        Graph Theory and its Applications        Milagres College,                                           Kallianpur
  • 13-01-2009          An Insight into Euler’s Theorem     St Philomena College,                                        Puttur
  • 28-03-2009        Graph Theory          Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Collage                                              Udupi
  • 23-09-2009        Special Olympics    NITK, Surathkal
  • 13-`10-2009        Refresher course    Govinda  Dasa College, Surathkal
  • 30-01-2010          Number Theory and its Applications  Sri Bhuvanendra                                              College, Karkala
  • 06-10-2010         Distance In Graphics   Poornaprajna College, Udupi
  • 26-03-2011          ” Faculty Development Programme For Undergraduate                                            Mathematics Teachers  University College, Mangalore
  • 31-07-2011          Krishi Ninadha    Pavanje, Haleyangady
  • 05-08-2011         Linear Algebra and Applications   Milagres College,                                                    Kallianpur
  • 17-09-2011        National Conference in Physics   Govinda Dasa College                                               Surathkal
  • 05-01-2013        Graph Theory and its Applications St. Aloysius college,                                            Mangalore
  • 15-03-2013       Applied mathematics  Alva’s Centre for P.G. studies and                                           research
  • 28-07-2013     Graph coloring and its Applications Dr. Ambedkar Institute                                    of Technology
  • 01-12-2013     Changing Paradigms of Higher education XII Five year plan                                    Initiatives  St. Aloysiuos College Mangalore
  • 18-01-2014     Graph Theory and its Applications  St. Aloysiuos College                                           Mangalore
  • 21-02-2014     Relevance of Ramanujan’s Findings in the Contemporary                                        world of Mathematics St. Philomena College Kallianpura
  • 18-07-2014     Numerical methods and network Analysis Milagres College                                   Kallianpur
  • 13-12-2014    Number theory and its applications  Mahatma gandhi                                                Memorial College Udupi.
  • 15-12-2014    Cryptography  Vivekananda College Of Arts, Science and                                          Commerce, Puttur
  • 03-01-2015   Graph Networks and Navigators  Poornaprajna College Udupi
  • 12-03-2016   Linear Algebra and its Applications  Sri Bhuvanendra College                                Karkala
  • 27-08-2016  Applications of Group Theory  Vivekananda College Puttur
  • 17-09-2016  Fast Track Research Workshop on Topology  St Aloysiuos                                       College Mangalore
  • 13-02-2017   Regional meetings cum Workshop on all India Survey on                                         Higher Education Mangalore University Mangalagangothri.
  • 27-09-2017   Workshop on analysis and Topology Dr. G. Shanker Govt.                                         Women’s First Grade College and Post Graduate Study                                               Centre,  Udupi
  • 02-02-2018    Recent Trends in Number Theory and its Applications St.                                          Philomena college Puttur.
Other Activities
  • AISHE Co-ordinator
  • Amuct convenor
  • Placement cell – Member
  • Rajiv Gandhi scholarship coordinator
  • Co-ordinator of time table committee