H.V Sangha

Hindu Vidyadayinee Sangha (R.), Surathkal, which manages the college and other sister institutions, was founded on 30.11.1916, with the starting of Iddya Vidyadayinee School in the precincts of Sri Iddya Mahalingeshwara Temple, by the visionary teachers and well wishers. Vidyadayinee High School was started in the year 1944 and the next step was the starting of Govinda Dasa College in the year 1967.
The College Management and Faculty believe that the best way to prepare the youth for a career is through quality education with emphasis on human values and virtues.

Presidents of H.V Sangha
Sl. No Name Years Photo
1 Iddya Krishnayya, BA., B.L. 1916-1942
2 Iddya Venkat Rao1, L.M. & S. 1943-1953
3 K.R.Achar, M.A., LL.B., Ex. M.P. 1954-1965
4 B.V. Krishnayya, B.A., B.L. 1965-1982
5 D Janardhana Rao, B.A. 1982-1988
6 M.Vasudeva Rao, M.A.,LT. 1988-1990
7 P.V.Aithal, B.A., L.L.B. 1990-1997
8 I.Ramamurthy, B.A., B.L 1997-2006
9 M.S.Krishna Bhat, B.Com., B.L., F.C.A 2006-2011
10 P.Ranjan Rao, M.A., L.L.B. 2011- 2017
11 E. Janardhana 2017 – 2022
12 Shri Jayachandra Hatwar.H 2022-present
Governing Council of Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal
Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Shri Jayachandra Hatwar.H,
President, H.V.Sangha ( R )
2 Shri Ramananda Rao,
City Lunch Home Enterpreur
Vice President
3 Shri Shreeranga H,
Manager, Corporation Bank,
Secretary, H.V. Sangha ( R )
4 Mr. H.L.Rao,
Treasurer H.V.Sangha( R )
5 Shri M.G.Ramachandra,
Joint Secretary H.V.Sangha ( R )
6 Sri Ramesh T.N,
Joint Treasurer H.V.Sangha ( R)
7 Prof.Ramesh Kulai,
Director- Administration GDC
Director -Administration
8 Prof. B.R.Manjunath,
Dept. of Marine Geology, Mangalore University Representative
9 Prof. Somanna,
Dept. of Kannada, Mangalore University Representative
10 Sri Sreepurna T.S.,
Rtd. Prof. in English
11 Sri Balakrishna K., Rtd.Librarian Member
12 Smt. Veena Krishnamoorthy Member
13 Prof P.Krishnamoorthy,
Principal Govinda Dasa College
14 Prof.Ramesh Bhat,
SWO and Vice Principal GDC
Staff representative
Governing body of Hindu Vidyadayinee Sangha (R), Surathkal
Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Shri Jayachandra Hatwar H President
2 Shri Ramananda Rao Yekkar Vice President
3 Sri H. Shreeranga Secretary
4 Shri H Laxminarayana Rao Treasurer
5 Shri M.G Ramachandra Joint Secretary
6 Shri Ramesh T N Joint Treasurer
7 Shri H.U. Ananthayya Member
8 Shri I Vidyadhar Member
9 Shri Y. V Rathnakara Rao Member
10 Shri Ramesh Kulai Member
11 Shri Sudhakar Rao Pejavar Member
12 Smt.Kasturi P Member
13 Smt.K.Kalavathi Member
14 Sri. Subrahmanya T Member
15 Shri Murari H Rao Member
16 Smt Savithri B Member
17 Shri Sreepurna T. S Member
18 Shri H. V Raghavendra Member
19 Shri Prasiddha P Member
20 Smt Jayanthi S Holla Member
21 Shri Vishwaraj Iddya Member