Management Structure


To facilitate students, largely coming from rural areas, reach higher levels of knowledge, capabilities and human values by the pursuit of excellence and promotion of quality for leadership.


Govinda Dasa College has the following mission in the pursuit of its vision.

  1. Offer quality education at an affordable cost.
  2. Promote human values by practising them.
  3. Impart skills for acquiring and generating knowledge.
  4. Promote responsible citizenship through outreach programmes.
  5. Prepare the students for career responsibilities by honing their soft skills.
  6. Facilitate effective interaction among Management, Faculty, Students, Parent and Alumni.
  7. Give priority to girl's education.
Core Values

The institute is committed to the Core Values of:

  1. Contribution to National Development by adopting Strategies for Inclucive Growth.
  2. Fostering Value Based Global Competencies amongest Staff and Students.
  3. Promoting the use of Technology.
  4. Quest for Excellence amongst Staff and Students.
  5. Maintaining a Clean and Green Environment.
  6. Participatory Leadership.
  7. Give priority to girl's education.