Student Senate

Student senate which actions in the college strives for the all round development of students. Student senate consists of elected student secretaries and joint secretaries from the faculty of arts , commerce, science and B.C.A . It also includes class representatives secretaries of various Associations. It is formed and functions in a Democratic way. Various activities of the college are initiated by the student senate. Prof. Mr.S.G.Ramesh Bhat is the student welfare officer.

Secretaries and joint secretaries for the year  2022 -2023 are :
Secretary Joint Secretary
Shreya , III B.A. Sowparnika Naik S, II B.A.
Ashish, III B.COM Pallavi, II B.COM
Yashawanth, III B.SC Priyanka, II B.SC
Rakshith Kumar, III B.C.A Vibha M Shetty, II B.C.A
K.M Jayasuryan,III B.B.A Poorvi Ashok Kumar, II B.B.A

Senate Meetings from 2017-2022

Student Welfare Officer
Mr.S.G.Ramesh Bhat  Dept. of Kannada