Department of Physical Education & Sports

Physical Education Director:

Dr. Prashanth.M.D


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The physical education at Govinda Dasa College is met with discipline with out students excelling in numerous sports and represent our college and even our university in multiple sports disciplines.


The college is equipped with the following infrastructure for physical activities:

  • A spacious ground with a 800m track suitable for track sports.
  • The ground can also accommodate handball, cricket and football tournaments.
  • A track space for jumping activities like Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump etc.
  • A court for Volleyball, Throwball tournaments.
  • A gymnasium for body and fitness training of our athlete students.
Annual Sports Meet


Sl No Description
1 Students participated in Mangalore University Inter Collegiate kabaddi (Women) competitions on 16 -11-2022 & 17-11-2022 at Govt First Grade College,Puttur.
The students are as follows:

      1. Pooja Puthran-III Bcom
      2. Varsha- III Bcom
      3. Harsha P Bangera- III Bcom
      4. Sushmitha S Nanil- III Bcom
      5. Shamitha- III Bcom
      6. Bhagyashree- III Bcom
      7. Megha- II Bcom
      8. Arundathi- II BBA
2 Students participated in Mangalore University Inter Collegiate Cross Country competitions on 29 -11-2022 at Govt First Grade College, Barkur,Udupi.
The students are as follows;

      1. Karan V Kotian-III BBA
      2. Vignesha-III BA
      3. Sujith-III BA
      4. Nipun–III BA
3 Moksha N Amin –I BCA, participated in Mangalore University Inter Collegiate Yoga (Women) competitions on 05-12-2022  at St. Agnes College (Autonomous) Mangalore, Secured 3 place and represented All India Inter University competition held at Orissa on 16-12-2022 to 23-12-2022.
4 Sudeep Gowda -I BA, participated in Mangalore University Inter Collegiate Best Physique (Men) competitions on 05-12-2022 at Dr. B B Hegde College Kundapura.
5 Students  participated in Mangalore University Inter Collegiate Cricket competitions on 05 -12-2022 at St.Philomina College, Puttur( First Round won the Match against Sri Ramakujeshwara College & lost the match against  S D B ,Ujjire in second round)
The students are as follows;

      1. K.Navaneeth Rao-III Bcom
      2. Rahul B Naik-III Bcom
      3. Vishal V Kotian-III Bcom
      4. Rohith-III Bcom
      5. Sougandh –III Bcom
      6. Dheeraj R K –III Bcom
      7. Pratham-II Bcom
      8. Prathik-II Bcom
      9. Harshith –II Bcom
      10. Phalgun-I Bcom
      11. Prajwal-I Bcom
      12. Damodhar-I BCA
      13. Phaniraj-I BCA
      14. Siddanth-I BCA
      15. Guruprasad-I Bcom
6 Students participated in Mangalore University Inter Collegiate Athletics Meet (Men&Women) on 11 -12-2022 & 12-12-2022 at Govt First Grade College, Thenkanidiyur, Udupi.
The students are as follows:

      1. Rahul B Naik-III Bcom 1. Pooja Puthran-III Bcom
      2. Dheeraj R K –III Bcom 2. Varsha- III Bcom
      3. Sagar Shetty-III Bcom
      4. Thushar Sadavashiva-III BCA
      5. Pratham-II Bcom
      6. Prathik-II Bcom
      7. Harshith –II Bcom
      8. Prathvirj- II Bcom
      9. Phalgun-I Bcom
      10. Prajwal-I Bcom
      11. Megha Raj –I Bcom
      12. Likhith V Suvarna-I Bcom
      13. Siddanth-I BCA
7 Students participated in Mangalore University Inter Collegiate Karate competitions (Men&Women) on 20 -12-2022 at Bhandarkar’s College, Kundapura. (Men-Overall championship-2022-23- III Place)
The students are as follows:

SL.NO Name Class Participation  Category Place
1 Pooja Puthran III Bcom Team Kumite



2 Shamitha III Bcom Team Kumite

Kumite (61kg)



3 Neha D Kotian I Bcom Team Kumite

Kumite (68kg)



4 Bhumika


5 Ajay Kumar III Bcom Kumite (55kg)

Team Kata



6 Sushan I Mcom Kumite
7 Trishul Poojary I BCA Kumite (50kg) II
8 Pranay Puthran I Bcom Kumite (84kg) III
9 Shravan Sanjay Devadiga I BCA Team Kata III
10 Chirag I Msc  Kumite
11 Swasthik I BCA Team Kata III
8 Students participated in a state level Techno-Cultural Fest (Aakar)-2023, (Gaming Event-Gully Cricket) on   23-03-2023 and 24-.03.-2023 at A.J.Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mangalore and we lost in semi-final against Srinivas College, Mukka.
The students are as follows:

      1. Rahul- III Bcom
      2. Vinush- III Bcom
      3. Manjunath- III Bcom
      4. Akash- III Bcom
      5. Prajwal – I Bcom
      6. Palgun- I Bcom
      7. Vineeth -I Bcom
      8. Likhith- I Bcom
      9. Guru Prasad – I Bcom
9 Sudeep Gowda -I BA and Banvas-I BA participated in Mangalore University Inter Collegiate Power lifting (Men) competitions on 23-06-2023 & 24-06-2023 at GFGC & Centre for P G studies, Thenkanidiyur, Udupi.


Sl No Description
1 Mr.Pruthivi Secured first place in 4x100mtr relay and second place in 800 mtr race competition held at Mangala Kridagana on 27th August 2022.

He Participated in University Level Azadi Ka Amruth Mahathsava -Freedom Run held on July 30th 2022,at Padua college of commerce and managment Nanthoor Mangalore and participated in 41st MUIC Athletics Championship for Men and Women held at Alva’s College Moodbidire from 21st to 23rd December 2021.

2 Ms.Pooja Puthran Participated in race on occasion of Azadi Ka Amrita Mahotsava organized by Govinda Dasa College,Surathkal on 26th July 2022.
3 Mr.Ajay Kumar secured third place in the Mangalore University Intercollegiate Karate(KUMITE 55kg) competition held at MU Campus on 26th February 2022.
4 Sanjay Devadiga won 2 Gold medal ,Thrisul won 1 Gold Medal in National Level open karate competition, Udupi held on  4th and 5th November 2022.
5 Moksha N Amin I BCA participated in All India Inter University Yogasana Competition held at Orissa on 16th Dec to 23rd Dec 2022.

5 Inter collegiate Karate competition held at Bhandarkaras College, Kundapura on 20th Dec 2022.Our students 7 Boys and 4 girls participated and won the medals.

  • Ajay Kumar-Silver Bronze
  • Trishul-Silver Medal
  • Sravani ,Sanjay-Bronze
  • Swasthik R-Bronze
  • Shamitha-2 Bronze medal
  • Pooja Puthran-1 Bronze Medal
  • Neha. D.Kotian -2 B Bronze Medal

And won Over All Championship Trophy


7 29th Nov 2022 Mangalore University Intercollegiate  Cross Country Held at G.F.G. C Barkur.Our College team participants

  • Karan V.Kotiyan
  • Vigneh
  • Sujith
  • Nipain N.Seriyas
8 Sudeep Gowda -I BA Participated in MUIC Best Physique Competition held at Dr.B.B.Hedge College Kundapura on 05th Dec 2022.
9 Our College Team Participated in  MUIC Cricket Competition held at St Philomina College puttur held on 5th Dec 2022

  •  First Round Winner Against Sri Ramakujeshwara College
  • Second round S.D.B.Ujire shown good performance.
10 15 Athletics  of our college were participated in MUIC Athletics Competition held at Thenkanidiyur Udupi on 11th and 12th Dec 2022.


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1 Mr. Raymond D’Souza, former “Mr.World inaugurated the Annual Sports day on 23 January 2019. Training camps in Hand ball, Volley ball and Cricket were conducted in the campus for the benefit of the students sponsored by the Department of Physical Eduxcation, Mangalore University. G.P.L Cricket tournament was conducted by the students to gain knowledge about the I.P.L process.
2 Akash Salian, Nikhil Poojary and Miss Chaithra Bhat represented Mangalore University in Inter University Sporting Events. Good amount of training and exposure is offered to sports persons to unleash their hidden talents by holding variety of sporting events in the campus quite often. Thanks to Mr Uday & Mr Edwin Charles for coaching our sports students.


Sl.No Description
1 Viraj 3rd B.Com won 1st place in MUIC Best Physique Competition at G. Shankar College Udupi; 3rd Place in Mysore Dasara; 7th Place in All India Inter College Level
2 Annual sports day was conducted on 04-01-2018; Shashank & Abdul Ahad 2nd B.Com won Individual Championship in Mens Slection while Chaithra S Bhat 2nd B.Com & Sushmitha 1st B.Com in Womens Selection
3 Chaithra S Bhat played for South Zone Inter University Cricket tournament at Bangalore from 20th to 28th November 2017; Rathesh 1st M.Com in handball
4 Rakesh 2nd B.Com Represented MU in Inter University Soft Ball Competition on 25th Febr 2018 held at Jalandhar, Punjab.
5 MUIC Tug of war Tournament was held in GDC Grounds on 19th & 20th Feb 2018
6 Govinda Dasa Premier League (GPL) held in GDC Grounds on 10th & 11th February 2017.
7 College team won 3rd, 4th Winners Place in MUIC Tournaments in handball & softball& Hardball at GFGC Vamadapadav, Mahavera College Moodabidre & Aloysius College mangalore Respectively
8 Priyanka of 1st M.Com won 3rd Place in National level Karate Championship held at Bangalore

2016-2017 Description
1 Annual sports meet was held on 24th Jan 2017. Mr Gautham Shetty, President,t he Torpedoes Sports Club, Haleyangadi, was the chief guest.
2 Students organized GDC trophy, an intercollegiate Kabaddi tournament on 16th Jan 2017.
3 College sports team hosted intercollegiate Flood Light Handball Tournament for Men on 1st and 2nd of March 2017.
4 Mr Akash Suvarna, Mr. Mallesh, Mr. Sushma represented Mangalore University in Soft ball (men), football and softball (women) respectively.
5 Mr.Viraj won silver medal in 84 kg category for best physique in Mangalore university level.
6 Mr.Rithin won 3rd place in 52 kg wrestling held at Mangalore University.
7 Our college team won 3rd place in softball intercollegiate tournament at Mangalore University level