Outreach programme (2022-23)

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An outreach program  was organised  for the students of Govinda Dasa pre university college by the department  of science on 29.12.2022. Students  of B.Sc demonstrated  various interesting  experiments in chemistry and physics , with explaining  them importance  of choosing basic science for higher studies  by the lecturers . Department  of mathematics  arranged a PowerPoint presentation,  … Continue reading “Outreach programme (2022-23)”

Outreach program- Young mind great ideas (2021-2022)

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Venue: Government Higher primary school, borugudde- Thokur,Surathkal Date: 27.08.2022 An outreach program was organised by the department of chemistry at government higher primary school, tokur which included students of VII, VIII and IX. 6 student coordinators from final B.Sc demonstrated various experiments in basic science which included elephant toothpaste, electric writing, laser diffraction, magnesium ribbon, … Continue reading “Outreach program- Young mind great ideas (2021-2022)”

Inter-collegiate fest “Prayogashala” a part of Digantha 2020

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Digantha inter-collegiate fest held on 09-01-2020 Chemistry lab event-Prayogashala was conducted by department of  Chemistry which included three rounds.  Ten teams from  various  colleges participated. Poornaprajna college won first place and University College Konaje won second  place. Coordinators for the event Staff:Ms Adhithi. Students: Pradeepta and Sachin  

Outreach Program -Young minds great ideas(2019-2020)

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The programme was organised by Department of Chemistry on 24/10/2019 at chemistry laboratory in which students of M.Sc chemistry carried out various experiments like electric writting, lime water test, pH determination , water of hydration ,litmus test and many more to the students of vidhyadahini English Medium School , some of the experiments students were … Continue reading “Outreach Program -Young minds great ideas(2019-2020)”

Outreach Programme at G.H.S Chithrapura 2019-2020

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Basic Science outreach programme for government school students of Chithrapura was conducted on 14/09/2019 by department of Chemistry,Physics,Mathematics under Science Association. In chemistry elephant toothpaste,adulteration in food stuff,chemical chemilion , disappearing thermacole , electric writting etc were conducted. In Mathematics pythagoras theorem was explained. In Physics Reflection,Refraction & rectilinear propagation of light,heron’s fountain, gravity well, … Continue reading “Outreach Programme at G.H.S Chithrapura 2019-2020”

Chemistry National Conference SSSC-2019

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Date:15th-16th March,2019 Venue: AV Hall,GDC National Conference in chemistry on synthetic ,Spectroscopic and Structural Chemistry was held by PG and UG department of Chemistry under auspices of IQAC GDC,Surathkal, It was a 2days programme inaugrated by Prof.B Thimmegowda, Retired professor of Manglore University and Vice Chancellor of Rural Development and Panchayath Raj University ,Gadag. It … Continue reading “Chemistry National Conference SSSC-2019”

Outreach Programme (2017-2018)

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An Out reach programme for conducted for the students of Govinda Dasa PU College on 18-12-2017, in this programme students of B.Sc demonstrated various experiments in chemistry and physics to develop interest for basic science and research activities among students.

Talk on Conservation of Snakes and Wild Life(2017-2018)

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The programme was organised by the department of Chemistry ,talk was delivered by Dr.Prakash M.C to educate the young generation on importance of saving wild life,which is the best way to save nature.The programme was organised for B.Sc Students.

Intercollegiate Essay and Seminar Competition(2016-2017)

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The seminar compitition was organised in joint venture of ACTMU and science association at Govinda Dasa College on 04/02/2017. Students from 13 different colleges participated in the competition.

Talk on Innovation in Automotive Coating(2016-2017)

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Department of Chemistry  organised a talk at AV Hall,  on 2/08/2016, Dr.Parag Kumar Thanki (Head of technical support lab,BASF India LTD) explained various aspects on paints manufactured in BASF, various process involved and it’s application. The  programme was organised for B.Sc students.