Lunar Eclipse Viewed on Campus

Posted 4 years ago / GDC UG

The Lunar eclipse of 27th July 2018 was viewed by the faculty of Department of Physics along with the students. The observation session began at 11PM with the students viewing the planets, Saturn and Mars which were visible at the time. The eclipse was viewed for the entire duration from 12AM to 3.30AM using the … Continue reading “Lunar Eclipse Viewed on Campus”

Lunar Eclipse Viewed at GDC

Posted 5 years ago / GDC UG

The moon was displayed through the 8” and 3” telescopes for the gathering. 60 people attended the program comprising of Students, Staff and General Public. Other objects in the night sky like the Orion Nebula were also shown after the eclipse concluded. Department of Physics of organized a sky-watch program to view the Blood Red … Continue reading “Lunar Eclipse Viewed at GDC”