Kaithota tharabeti karyakrama (Terrace gardening workshop)

Posted 3 weeks ago / GDC PG

22.07.2022 A. V. Hall, GDC PG Chemistry under IQAC conducted a workshop on Terrace Gardening. Active gardeners Mrs Saroja Prakash and Mr Prakash were the speakers on the occasion. PG students got a hands on experience as to how to plant and nurture the plants in terrace garden.

‘National Science Day’- 2022

Posted 5 months ago / GDC PG

Venue: A V Hall, GDC Date: 28.02.2022 Department of PG Chemistry celebrated ‘National Science Day’ on 28th of Feb, 2022 at GDC Surathkal. DR S M Shivaprakasha, former Dean of Fisheries College, Mangaluru was the chief guest. There were about 80 participants from UG and PG. DR S M Shivaprakasha spoke about the marine life … Continue reading “‘National Science Day’- 2022”

February 19-World Pangolin Day

Posted 6 months ago / GDC PG

On account of World Pangolin day, Dr.Karthik J.S (Coordinator, M.Sc Chemistry ) written article, it was published in Vishwavani daily. Pangolins ( ಚಿಪ್ಪು ಹಂದಿ ) are the most trafficked mammals in the world. ‘World Pangolin Day’ is celebrated on the third Saturday in February, and this year, the special day falls on February 19, 2022.

Earth from Space-2021

Posted 1 year ago / GDC PG

Date: 26.02.2021 Venue: AV Hall, GDC On the occasion of National Science Day 2021, PG Department of Chemistry has organized a special talk on Earth from Space. It was presided over by Sri E Janardhan, president HV Sangha Surathkal and former senior scientist, ISRO. Resource person was Prof. H Gangadhar Bhat, former chairman, Marine Geology … Continue reading “Earth from Space-2021”

National Farmers’ Day -2020

Posted 2 years ago / GDC PG

On the eve of National Farmers’ Day, the PG department of Chemistry organized a talk on Organic Farming and Terrace Gardening on 23 December 2020. The resource person Krishnappa Gowda enlightened the M.Sc students with his real life experiences. He also screened recorded video clips of doing paddy cultivation on terrace. The Principal Prof. Krishnamoorthy … Continue reading “National Farmers’ Day -2020”

A talk on coconut farming and terrace gardening[2019-2020]

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Date: 25.02.2020 Venue: A V Hall, Surathkal On the occasion of National conference entitled ‘Frontiers of Chemical and Agricultural Sciences Development: Challenges and Opportunities’ to be held on 03.02.2020, GDC organized a special talk on coconut farming and terrace gardening by Agricultural scientist Dr. Chaitanya from Brahmavar. It was presided over by Sri. E Janradhan, President, … Continue reading “A talk on coconut farming and terrace gardening[2019-2020]”

National Conference on Frotiers of Agricultural and Chemical Sciences Development: Challenges and Opportunities-2020

Posted 3 years ago / GDC PG

03.02.2020 Venue: A V Hall, GDC, Surathkal In order to boost the youths towards agriculture, GDC conducted a one day National Conference inaugurated by Dr M K Naik, Vice Chancellor, Agriculture and Horticulture University, Shimoga. Inaugural session had spekers like Dr B S Sherigara, former vice chancellor, Shimoga University; Prof. Balakrishna Kalluraya from Mangalore University; … Continue reading “National Conference on Frotiers of Agricultural and Chemical Sciences Development: Challenges and Opportunities-2020”

A talk on IYPT

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Date: 31.12.19 Venue: A. V. Hall, GDC, Surathkal Department of PG studies in Chemistry GDC, Surathkal held a useful talk on IYPT- A fascinating design history of periodic table of elements. This was dedicated to Father of periodic table Dmitri Mendeleev. The talk was delivered  by Dr B S Sherigara, former vice chancellor, Kuvempu University, … Continue reading “A talk on IYPT”

Chemistry National Conference SSSC-2019

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Date: 15th -16th March, 2019 Venue: AV HAll, GDC National conference in Chemistry on Synthetic, Spectroscopic, Structural Chemistry was meticulously conducted by PG Department of Chemistry along with Department of UG Chemsitry under the auspices of IQAC, GDC, Surathkal. The program was a 2 days event inaugurated by Prof. B Thimmegowda, Retired professor of Mangalore … Continue reading “Chemistry National Conference SSSC-2019”