Guest talk on I’m the creator of my own destiny


Venue: AV Hall

The Department of Post-Graduate Studies in Commerce, in association with IQAC, Kuthethur Sri Hayagreeva Acharya, and the Smt. Bharathi Endowment Unit on Value Education, organized a guest lecture on the topic “I’m the creator of my own destiny ” on March 22, 2024, for the M.Com. students. Mr. Ranjan Bellarpady was the resource of the day. He spoke on the value system of every student and gave two important tips to live a successful life, i.e., believe in yourself and love India. He said everyone should have a vision, and we should always try to achieve those goals.

Prof.P. Krishnamoorthy, principal of Govinda Dasa College, presided over the function. Dr.Ganesh Achaarya B. has given an introductory remarks. Prof. Neelappa V., vice principal of GDC, and Prof. Hareesha Acharya P., IQAC Coordinator, were present on that day. Ms. Vaibhavi of First Compered the program, and Ms. Gayathri of Second presented a vote of thanks. total 64 members benefited from this session.

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