A Glimpse of Stock market to 1st year students:2023-24

On April 24, 2024, Ms. Punitha.R, a teacher in the Department of Commerce and Business Administration, conducted an engaging session for 1st-year open elective students of BA, BCA, and B.Sc. The session aimed to introduce students to the stock market and mutual funds through practical applications using online tools like Money Control and paper trading.

As part of their assignment, students had the opportunity to participate in simulated investing, buying and selling stocks with a virtual fund of 1 lakh rupees. The interactive nature of the class captured the students’ attention and sparked their interest in investment strategies and mutual fund analysis. This hands-on approach not only deepened their understanding but also equipped them with practical skills for evaluating financial instruments.

This initiative in integrating real-world applications proved effective in stimulating the students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for financial markets.

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