Food Court at Yakshayana 2021-22

        On 4th, 5th & 6th of March 2022, GDC Kaalabdhi had organized “Yakshayana 2021-22” . Our 1st BBA , 2nd BBA & Final B.Com students had kept their food stalls in GDC Food Court.

         Few food items were prepared by students themselves & few were resold . In ‘Love Mocktail’ & ‘Golgappa’, they sold various types of handmade mocktails & Panipuni (3rd B.Com ) . ‘Pragathi Stall’ sold Charmaburi , Mango Slice, Salt & sweet lime, Lime Soda , Jaljeera & various types of Goli soda (2nd BBA) . & Amul Ice creams were sold by 1st BBA Students.

          Students made good profits in these three days and enjoyed a lot starting up their own business and running it up successfully. This thought them various business strategies involved in  Product, Price, Place & Promotion.


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