Youth Red Cross- Annual Camp(2023-2024)


Youth Red Cross of Govinda dasa college had organized a four-day Annual Camp for 60 volunteers in the college campus from 30-05-2024 to 02-06-2024.

            The camp schedule has been divided into various activities.

DAY 1 -THE PRE-CAMP PREPARATION DAY.       Date :30-05-2024

Camp pre-preparation was done on 30-05-2024.

  • The activities like briefing the rules and regulations of camp activities to the students.
  • Students were divided into 5 groups named Prakruthi, Chiguru, Shrotha, Vrindavana, Dharithri depicting the names of the nature. Each team had 12 members.
  • Each team was allotted with work of Stage Programme, Various Sessions, Documentations, Food & Beverages, and Discipline.
  • Day concluded with the plans for the coming sessions.

DAY-2: INAUGRATION AND ORIENTATION:                         Date :31-05-2024

Youth Red Cross camp was inaugurated by Sri Shreeranga H. Secretary, H.V. Sangha, Surathkal & sir said the importance of organizing the camp and blood donations.

Sri Yatish Baikampady, District Representative for State & Chairman Disaster Management Sub-Committee was the chief guest of the programme. He shared his experience of being a volunteer in YRC and the way in which YRC volunteers helped in pandemic situation and motivated the students.

Sri Sacheth Suvarna, keynote speaker motivated the students about the youth red cross activities and the services conducted by the team and said the importance of YRC to the students.

The programme was Presided by Prof. Neelappa V., Vice Principal conveyed his best wishes for the camp. Mr. Shreekanth, a member of the IRCS, was also present. Mrs. Poornima Gokhale, the YRC Coordinator, welcomed the gathering, and Mr. Ashwin M., YRC Coordinator, delivered the vote of thanks.

Session 1: Orientation:                   

Sri Sacheth Suvarna, Chairman, District Youth Red Cross Committee, IRCS, D.K District had taken a session on HISTORY OF RED CROSS, ORIGIN OF INDIAN RED CROSS & its importance, how it is different from any NGO, what are the opportunities of being an YRC volunteer , Opportunities and Scope for  YRC volunteers Nationally and Internationally.

Session 2: First Aid Training and Its Importance:                       

This session was about First aid training and its importance to the volunteers. The session also had few mind-blowing games which helped them to learn the leadership quality, activeness and alertness when any incidents happen. Volunteers had hands on experience on first aid bandages, CPR sessions, disaster management sessions, emergency help sessions.


Date :01-06-2024

Session 1: Fire And Safety Measures

  • The session began with Information about Fire Service by Mr. Obayya Kulal and Mr. Janardhan K. They gave information regarding the FIRE AND PRECAUTIONS to be taken when there are any fire accidents in the building. They demonstrated the fire equipment installed in the college premises to the volunteers.

Session 2: A Practical session on Yoga and Mental health

Dr. Ajithesh Neriyaru, Assoc. Prof , Department of Yogic Science , University College Mangalore conducted the session on Yoga and Dhaanya to the volunteers. Sir had given the Demonstrations Of Different Asanas And Pranayama Techniques to the students, to improve the concentration and reduce the stress in day to day life.

Session 3: Fire and Safety Measures: A Practical Session

  • Practical Training on Fire Service by Mr. B.M Thirumalesh, Chief Fire Officer, Fire Station, Pandeshwara, and his team. Officer had briefed about the career various opportunities in the fire service and shared his experience.
  • Later there was a practical session on use of various fire extinguishers and Fire & Emergency Services. a Fire Engine vehicle has been used to demonstrate how to set off the fire.

Day 4: Surfing Site Visit and Valedictory:                      Date :02-06-2024

Session 1: Surfing Site Visit

Volunteers visited to the Sasihitlu Beach surfing point, Mukka where the international surfing competition was being organized. Mr. Gaurav Shetty and Sri Yatish Baikampady shared the information about surfing and its importance to the volunteers. Volunteers had interacted with international level surfers.

Session 2: Valedictory

 The valedictory programme of the camp held in AV, hall Govinda Dasa College Surathkal.

A brief report of 4 days of the camp was given by Janya II BCA

Chief Guest: Prof. Gopala M. Gokhale, Director of Administration, Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal., spoke and motivated about taking an opportunity to take part and stand different in spite of all  regular  college activities in camp and also said to develop the leadership qualities which are important in life.

Another Guest Prof. Hareesha Acharya P, Coordinator of IQAC, said how camp will help to develop the confidence among oneself.

President of the function Prof. P. Krishnamoorthy, Principal of Govinda Dasa College praised the camp activities conducted by the team.

The session concluded with recognizing the Best Performers of the camp.

  • Skanda Aithal II BCA-Best Performer
  • Janya II BCA, Active -Participant
  • Damodar II BCA, Active -Participant
  • Sumanth Bhat II BCom, Active -Participant
  • Kishan II BSc, Active -Participant
  • Sristi II BCA, Active -Participant

A brief report of 4 days of the camp was given by Janya II BCA .Varsha II BCA, welcomed the gathering, and Kishan II BSc, delivered the vote of thanks. Ms. Sinchana I BCA was the Master of ceremony.

Janya II BCA, Damodar II BCA, Diya Ravi Honni II BSc , Hareesh Wadekar II BBA , Student Secretaries was present. YRC coordinators Mrs. Poornima Gokhale and Mr. Ashwin M handled the overall camp.



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