Food court at Govinda Dasa Premier League by III BBA : 2023-24

            On the 16th and 17th of March 2024, the Department of Sports organized the Govinda Dasa Premier League, with support from the Entrepreneurship Development Cell. During this event, Ms. Charishma, Mr. Pawan, and Ms. Riya set up a cool drinks stall to help attendees beat the heat.

            Ms. Charishma introduced an innovative cucumber juice recipe, created in collaboration with Tender, a well-known juice company. This refreshing beverage was sold at the stall along with a variety of mojitos and goli soda.

           The cool drinks stall attracted many visitors and was a great success. The students managed to earn a decent amount from this two-day business venture, showcasing their entrepreneurial skills and teamwork, thanks to the guidance and support of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

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